Too Good To Fact-Check

I’m not sure if this is actually a thing that’s happening at stores around the country…

… But if so, it would be pretty much the perfect metaphor for Branden’s America, wouldn’t it?

7 thoughts on “Too Good To Fact-Check

  1. Potemkin stores!

    Nice, funny practical joke, but I sure hope, for the sake of the store’s owners and employees, that it’s just that, and nobody thinks that it’s going to paper over empty shelves.

  2. In a crazy mix-up, the White House office back-drop was accidentally shipped to Cub Foods, and the Depends grocery shelf back-drop went to an undisclosed location in D.C.

  3. And in the midst of numerous crisis (Covid vax failure, Americans still in Afghanistan, labor shortage, spiking inflation, food shortages on store shelves, illegal immigrants overwhelming DHS), Biden and his entire cabinet (including Pete “MIA” Buttagieg) are going to a climate conference in Ireland.
    None of the current crises have anything at all to do with climate change.
    What is more, the climate conference is all about optics. The days when world leaders negotiated at these things are past. These days the negotiations are internal to nations and the world leaders basically meet to tell each other the great things for the climate they are doing.
    Problem is, the US can’t really do that because Trump stiff armed the international community over global warming. Biden was supposed to have a lot legislation he could brag about, but — guess what? — it is all in the ginormous spending bills that are languishing on Pelosi’s desk. That was one of the reasons Pelosi had set deadlines for their passage in September.
    Another monumental f-up by Team Biden, more fall out from the loss of his political capitol following the Afghan withdrawal debacle.
    I guess that Biden can brag about his executive orders, you know, the ones that will evaporate when he leaves office or the courts throw them out.

  4. Last year, that meeting would have been on Zoom. Now, it’s being held in-person, just as before the Covid pandemic locked down the world.

    Return to normal!

  5. Climate meeting in Ireland…..has Buttigieg ever heard of “Zoom” or “Webex”? He could attend while he’s on maternity leave.

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