The Strib: Preparing The Narrative Battlefield

As we noted last week, “Stand your Ground” and ‘Constitutional Carry” bills have been introduced in the Legislature.

And they have a shot, potentially – there are enough red-district DFLers with legitimate fears of being retired in 2022 to maybe soften the DFL’s stance, and Governor Klink might need to weigh his fealty to the Progressives against gun control’s dismal record outside 494 and 694. A veto will be held against him, and every outstate DFLer, in 2022. Smart DFLers (like Bakk and Tomassoni) remember 2002, when every single outstate DFLer who opposed “Shall Issue” was defeated in the ’02 mid-terms.

Remember – it took seven years to get Shall Issue reform passed, culminating in the ’02 pro-gun election sweep.

Gun rights are a long game.

This, against a backdrop of 40% of gun buyers in 2020 being new purchasers, and 40% of them being women and, at least anecdotally, a substantial number of them being formerly ambivalent about firearms.

The left gets this. And so we get articles like this in the Strib – all but portraying Constitutional Carry as a tool of the Klan.

My suspicion? Big Left realizes they are losing the gun battle, and has to gaslight the minority who still opposes them into becoming more die-hard, to avoid losing more ground outside the Blue coasts and Chicago.

14 thoughts on “The Strib: Preparing The Narrative Battlefield

  1. Actually, I suspect Big Left will pass any and all gun legislature to safeguard their interests in 2022 and then confiscate all guns because COVID™ with an EO. Stealing elections, and making sure you can do it in perpetuity has consequences.

  2. Lads. I wasn’t gonna share this, but wtf. I have a good guy with a gun dog story.

    I recently purchased a fine, classic muscle car. I keep it in an outbuilding with other man toys. Last Saturday night, a waste of flesh tried to steal it. He did not succeed in stealing it, and barely succeeded in preserving his own life.

    Now, bear in mind, I have motion detector lights all over my property, as well as CCTV cameras, and intrusion alarms. You cannot get within 30 yards of my house or outbuildings without being recorded. This moron set off 3 sets of lights, and my machine shed window alarm (the alarm goes off inside my house, and cannot be heard in the shed). The lights in the shed also come on automatically. I know he saw the cameras because I saw him look directly into 1 while I was backing the recording up for the cops.

    None of this slowed him down at all…because he was high af and just didn’t give a damn.

    I confronted him with a Shockwave and my dog, an AmStaff who is very intimidating when she’s riled up. He crawled out of my beautiful car holding a big screw driver (one of mine), which he was using to tear my dash apart with. I informed him I’d give him 1 sec to drop it and gtf on the ground, or I’d turn the dog (who was going apeshit) loose. The screwdriver flew out of his hand. “Hol’ dat dog, Mr. Jus hol it!!” I honestly don’t even know if he saw the shotgun.

    The cops were supportive, and said they knew this guy. I asked if he lived in (that neighborhood), and they said “of course”.

    He didn’t have time enough to do much damage to my car, some pry marks and a bit of bent chrome which I can fix pretty easily. One last thing; there was literally zero chance that rectal swab could have opened the sliding doors to get the car out; they’re steel and have a no bullshit lock on them…not that I’d give him credit for being smart enough to even have considered that.

  3. Well, the Governor’s wife promised the outstate DFLers in a speech that we “are coming for you” in the primaries if they don’t back the Metrocats party’s grab efforts. And then you have a Metrocat candidate go to Hugo and threaten to burn the town to the ground and get no more than a public “isn’t he precocious?” statement from Ken Martin. I don’t think the Metrocats give a fig for the rocks and cows constituency, or are concerned that they won’t be able to print off enough ballots when needed.

  4. Self defense rights = racism.
    And racism is the most evil thing that ever was, will be,or could be.
    You need to get your head straight on this, MBerg.

  5. Obviously, Night Writer supports the Trumpian insurrectionists who raped Lady Liberty on January 6th.

  6. Haven’t you guys been paying attention? Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender explained the rationale behind this stuff way back in June.

    Wanting to stand your ground to defend yourself from threat of imminent death comes from a place of White Privilege, which is a Bad Thing.

    You should let them kill you instead of fighting back. Because fighting is also a Bad Thing.

  7. Way off topic, but I am fascinated with what’s happening in the stock market right now. On Friday market close, Big Money stands to loose billions. Fallout is going to be one for the ages. Sorry for a lapse, back on topic.

  8. You talking about the Hedge funds that shorted GameStop, jpa? That is hilarious..

  9. It is not just GameStop. It is a full out war against Big Money who I expect will go crawling to WH for protection against citizen investors… Ok, again sorry for the threadjack and back on topic.

    Alas, I am afraid the closed door would not have stopped your friendly neighbour – he would have driven right through it. Besides, what right do you have for owning something somebody else needs more? With guns banned – dogs of certain breeds will be next. It will not stop until you will only be allowed to wear clothing made out of plastic (no threads with which to make a rope) and to only eat processed foods (soylent green, of course) because you will not be allowed anything with an edge on it.

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