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  1. An anonymous scold, typical Minnesota passive-aggressive behavior. Reminds me of the person at the office who puts up notes like, “PLEASE refill the coffee pot if you take the last cup” as if we’re all guilty of the crime, rather than just talking to Janice who everyone knows is the culprit.

    We welcome all people because they bring a rich, diverse experience to our community, except you, because you’re different which might offend somebody. Not me, of course, I’m not personally offended by your holiday lights because I’m so open-minded and tolerant. I just couldn’t help but notice them, go home, type up a letter, address an envelope, stamp and mail it: so you see, I’m not offended a bit. But someone else who might not be as open-minded and tolerant could be offended and that close-minded bigoted person must be coddled and protected from sights and scenes that might trouble them, such as your holiday lights. Or maybe a person living in poverty in St. Anthony might not be able to afford holiday lights, $2.99 a string at Target, because we all know the St. Anthony neighborhood suffers from rampant poverty and despair.

    Too bad it’s typewritten so we cannot tell from the penmanship if the writer is a shrewish, chiding, middle-aged woman with ELCA hair; or a simpering pajama boy living in Momma’s basement because in-person classes at Macalester are cancelled. Be fun to guess.

  2. Saint Anthony needs to change its name to Anthony.

    Better yet: Antonio.

    Well, maybe not. That could be confused with San Antonio.

    Hey, why not أنتوني?

    According to How to say, it is Arabic for Anthony.

  3. I hope the offender went out and put more lights up so they can be seen from space.

  4. Had seen this on a national blog last night. The general consensus was that after that letter, the yard should be Clark Griswold level decorations. With music playing – emphasis on Dean Martin’s “Baby its cold outside”.

  5. One one hand, we weigh the thousands of locked-down families who spend night after night of riding in cars, enjoying the delight of ooooh’ing and awwww’ing at Christmas lights.

    On the other, we weigh a Grinch named Karen, who wrings her bony little hands at the prospect of somewhere, somehow, someone being offended.

    Of course in our progressive society, The Grinch always wins. The threat of a single offense must kill the joy of millions.

    But it shouldn’t be that way.

    Why not?

    Think of the children.

  6. They made something that most people find beautiful and hopeful into a negative. What a miserable person.

  7. Anonymous threats should be reported to the police & publicized to friends and neighbors.
    Name & shame them. The success of the cultural left is entirely dependent on their paying no price for their anti-social, borderline psychotic behavior.

  8. Me, I would put the letter in a nice frame, put the frame on a stake, and plant it next to the curb, and garnish it flashing, multi-color (of course) twinkle lights.

  9. escape;

    Yea, there are several studies out there that conclude how miserable, insecure and self loathing liberals are. Most of that is due to the left’s ministry of propaganda aka media. They always need a bogeyman to vilify.

  10. I bet that mid-wit letter writer trolls right wing blogs under a pseudonym, or maybe several pseudonyms. These pathetic, thirsty slobs are wastes of flesh unworthy of any attempt at rehabilitation; society will be the better for their loss.

  11. Happy Safe Harbor Day to all who celebrate.

    A recording of Melania Trump…

    And the thread-jacking continues.

    I’ve rarely encountered anybody with as severe an apparent learning deficiency as Emery.

  12. Remember, Karen’s happiness (her mental health is long gone) depends on her control of the intimate details of your life.
    And she went to Bryn Mawr.

  13. “Karen” is so confident of her position, she doesn’t even sign the letter so her targets can have a talk with her. Don’t want to be bothered with someone else’s views, after all.

    Reminds me of the “neighbors” who left a note in our mailbox after one of our kids allowed her dog to relieve itself on their lawn without picking it up. We quickly figured out who it was, and I was hard pressed to not have my dogs defecate on their lawn after that.

  14. Emery is obviously oblivious to the FACT that his touting of “safe harbor” day, is pure left wing crap. The only dates that matter are January 6 and January 20. He needs to do his own homework to find out why.

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