“Peaceful Protest”

“Peaceful protesters” in Portland attack an elderly woman with paint, berate her in front of a threatening crowd.

So by my count, that’s a couple of dozen swarthy, sweaty “Anti”-Fa thugs, as well as the castrati man-buns that travel with ’em, teaming up on an elderly woman. Probably the only way to make it a fair fight.

Reminds me of this:

In the thirties, Brownshirts, Hitler Youth and (as in the pic above) German cops rode roughshod over older, less physically-adroit Jews, humiliating them in public for sport…

…before moving on to nastier plans.

There is going to be a backlash.

I’m fairly sure Big Left is counting on it, in fact.

3 thoughts on ““Peaceful Protest”

  1. I will repost from the previous post with an edit:

    Backlash? Dream on, Mitch. You still think there is law and order in this country? Ha! Not without blood on the streets, Mitch. Not without blood on the streets.

    Portland Police Chief: ‘Prefer’ Not to Make Arrests, DA Won’t Prosecute Most Riot Cases

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