Big Left’s Gooey Intellectual Core

C-list “celebrity” Patton Oswalt’s profound wisdom was on display over the weekend:

I’m going to screenshoot that for the day when an economic collapse (heaven forefend) leaves C-list “celebrities” like Oswalt tossed out of their Los Angeles condominiums, and looking for dishwashing jobs at Fuddruckers.

If they can find one.

If Trump wins this fall, this tweet will be a good chunk of the reason why.

24 thoughts on “Big Left’s Gooey Intellectual Core

  1. The little fat guy doesn’t really seem to know or care about those people involved with “Netflix, food delivery & video games” who are going out and risking viral death either.

  2. The Minnesota Department of Health released a county by county report of Covid cases and deaths. You can find it here

    Of the 87 Minnesota counties, ten reported no cases, 15 reported only one and the majority reported under three.

    Of the 87 counties, 67 have reported no deaths.

    In contrast, Hennepin county reported 924 cases with 75 fatalities.

    So here is my question. If Lake of the Woods county has not experienced a single case, why must it be subject to the economically devastating mandates designed for Hennepin county?

    Would it not be better to allow the counties to decide what measures they wish to take and when – or doesn’t progressive politics trust locals to make their own decisions?

  3. Greg;
    Playing devil’s advocate here, but I’m betting that of those deaths, only about half were actually due to the virus.

  4. Boss,

    My father served in New Guinea where he contracted an unknown tropical disease, resulting in the loss of sight in one eye, his sense of smell and taste, asthma and COPD.

    He died at the age of 87 from complications arising from asthma and COPD.

    So did that make him a casualty of WWII or old age?

    The report cited above lists the median of death by Covid as 85.

    At that age, more common types of flu are frequently listed as cause of death, but even then the common flu is easily survived by health seniors. It is those with underlying medical issues who fall.

    Having said that, young adults do die of Covid at a rate of 2 per 1,000. Of those two, how many have underlying health issues? No one is saying.

  5. Oswald, along with the media and DFL politicians, believe the people who read SITD and Powerline and Instapundit are the wild-eyed, screaming crazies of the far-right fringe; the people Obama said were bitterly clinging to our guns and Bibles, the people Hillary said were deplorable. When we say “freedom,” they hear “frightened.”

    What they don’t understand is that Anne Frank wasn’t hiding from people like us. She was hiding from people like them.

  6. Greg’s idea is exactly on point, and it’s the one the DFL and media fear the most.

    What’s right for New York City is not necessarily right for New York Mills. Local conditions should dictate local solutions, the concept of subsidiarity and federalism. And freedom, which is the one thing Liberals absolutely cannot stand.

  7. Oswald sounds like the kind of guy who’d call the Nazis and tell them he thinks there are Jews hiding in the attic of an office building.

  8. The entire left, mediots included, are brutally tone deaf and out of touch. One of the late night idiots even made another Nazi “joke”. (clapter, not laughter) I don’t have to wonder, I know this will move a lot of swing voters to go with Trump this fall. I guess we should thank emery for his side working so hard to re-elect Trump.

  9. Both Joe and Night Writer nailed it: which governors and mayors are asking people to rat out their friends and neighbors? (and setting up hotlines for tattling) Oh yeah, Democrats. Creepy people those lefties. Creepy.

  10. Joe, imagine the following conversation regarding Covid restrictions:

    Conservative: “Conditions vary, therefore economy killing decisions must be made at the most local level possible.”

    Liberal: “That would result in chaos, Counties, cities and small towns simply cannot be trusted to make the proper decision in a timely manner.”

    Conservative: “So by that logic, governors should not be trusted and all quarantine decisions should be made by President Donald Trump.”

    Liberal: stomps away.

  11. Greg;
    Exactly! I thought Trump was the fascist, etc. Why isn’t Anti-Fa out protesting ACTUAL fascist policies, which is what these leftist governors are pushing on the citizens?
    Hillary also was once caught saying that Democrat voters were stupid, yet millions of those people voted for her. Just like sexual harassment allegations and racial slurs, it’s OK for Democrats to say stuff like that without backlash.

  12. Well boss, ya gotta understand. There are good fascists and bad fascist, just as there are good racists and bad racists, as well as good sexists and bad sexists.

    If ever you are confused as to what is a good fascist, racist, sexist, just ask yourself, what advances the cause?

  13. calling Oswalt a C-list celebrity is generous. All restaurant/small business owners who have been devastated by the lockdown should reply to him. And he should be forced to read every response.

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  15. I know people who believe we will have to stay under lock down until at least July, maybe through the fall.
    These are highly educated people.
    They are also crazy.
    If the lock down continues through May there will be riots. Cities will burn.
    But that won’t happen, because the lock down will end before June.

  16. Holy crap! Crude oil is trading for less than 20 cents a barrel! My brother let me know that In Shakopee, gas was .989 a gallon this morning. He, his boss and co-workers filled up all 25 of their trucks. Even though the company that he works for is a small business, they have been swamped. They do low voltage cabling and network design, so their customers are taking advantage of empty offices and getting their projects done. I suggest that we all go out and stimulate the economy by going out and filling up your cars with gas, fill the gas cans for your mowers, weed whackers, chain saws and every other gas operated thing that you own. I’m going out to do it right now. Between my two cars, which are both less than 1/4 full and my three gas cans, that should be about 40 gallons.

  17. We have a pandemic.
    And we are also closing hospitals and laying off medical people.
    At some point, even dimwits will have a light bulb moment.

  18. Read a piece yesterday that explains some of those “young man with no existing morbidity” deaths.

    1. They all occurred in cities or 1st ring suburbs.

    2. They were homos.

    Point being, I’m sure there is a genuine case of a youthful death out there somewhere, but we’ll never know about it because finding that genuine case would involve the larger truth….a truth that once again illustrates the consequences of the degenerate leftist lifestyle.

  19. MP, we can agree on that, if the lockdown lasts much past may 1st there will be civil unrest, riots and cities will burn

  20. People living in wealthy parts of town, or ritzy suburbs, are not stupid enough to torch their own houses, shops and cars. To reach that level of idiocy, you need a certain, shall I say, “element” of urban dwellers to take to the streets.

    I doubt that losing one’s job is enough to set off violent protests, particularly if the job was a crappy one to start with. To spur violence will require bloodshed, like a cop shooting the wrong kid. For that to happen, cops need to get a lot more jittery, as they were in the Obama days.

    It would take weeks, maybe months of media propaganda to raise the police fear level high enough to make them trigger happy. Just can’t see how Democrats can pull it off this time.

  21. Swiftee, I’d like a link because worldwide it seems to hit men harder, if sexuality is a factor (Say what you want about lifestyle but I’m pretty sure that it is proven medically that gay/anal sex is a higher risk type sex than normal heterosexual sex) of course in today’s PC society it would never been taken up for fear of being called homophobic.

  22. If there EVER was anyone who needed to follow the title of Laura Ingraham’s book (Shut Up And Sing), it is this guy. He is a hilarious comedian when he isn’t talking politics. I loved watching him in Agents of SHIELD.

    But. My. God. He is such a white hot pile of arrogant leftist ignorance.

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