Crocodile Tears On A Stick

Channel 9, being as it is the worst water-carrier for the DFL among the four major TV stations in the market, bends over backwards to find false equivalence in the goings-on at the State Fair, during which a female GOP volunteer was sexually assaulted, goons threatened female staffers, and more mundane assaults were a daily matter:

“Every day at our booth, (things happen),” [GOP chair Jennifer] Carnahan said. “People will spit on our volunteers in their faces, people will take beer and dump it over our merchandise. I had a woman take garbage and throw it in my face last Wednesday and tell me I was trash.”

While at the DFL booth…er…(I’m adding emphasis):

[DFL chair Ken] Martin said Democrats decided to install surveillance cameras inside their booth for 2019 because of incidents in previous years

Presumably every bit as legitimate as Ilhan Omar’s “death threat”.

Ken Martin adds a plaintive plea:

“This fair is supposed to represent the best of Minnesota, not the worst,” Ken Martin, chairman of the Minnesota DFL, said in an interview outside his booth. “We just have to find a way to de-escalate this. It’s sad that this is where our politics have gotten to.”

It’s simple, Ken. Tell your supporters to stop behaving like such a bunch of f***ing animals about politics.

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