Afflicting The Afflicted

Sharyl Atkisson has a list of 78 “mistakes” the media has made in covering Trump so far.

Yes, I put mistakes in scare quotes.

In late November of 2016, on NPR’s “On The Media” show – as reliable a measure of the daily ebb and flow of the “Elite” media’s inner id as any artifact you’ll find – representatives from the Washington Post and New York Times newsrooms spoke at length with host Bob Garfield about the need to change the rules. Instead of just “telling the story” – the who, what, when, where, why and how of the news – and presuming the consumer an figure things out for themselves, the mission was going to turn to “de-normalizing Trump”.

The “mistakes” – not just in re Trump, but Nick Sandman, “Russiagate” and on, and on, and on – may not all be symptoms of an “elite” media whose mission has changed from informing to driving an agenda. Perhaps.

But if they had changed their mission, I’m at a loss for how they’d be doing anything differently.

7 thoughts on “Afflicting The Afflicted

  1. It’d be much easier to “hate” all journalists if wasn’t for people like Sharyl Atkisson.

  2. Pushing 100% Trump coverage gets more viewers. Trump tweeting “NO COLLUSION” over and over only makes it more enticing. The mainstream media is doing a fantastic job at maximizing revenue. If only informing the population was their business model.

  3. Long ago it became clear to me that the Russia thing was going nowhere — absent Mueller pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
    False conspiracy theories (like the Russia collusion conspiracy theory) don’t go anywhere. There is no sense of the details coming into sharper focus. You need a crime, at least, as a starting point, because then you would have an actual criminal. One of Trump’s lawyers has now gone on record saying that there was never going to be a Mueller interview of Trump because the law says you can only do that if the questions are related to criminal activity, and Mueller couldn’t point to a crime.
    What a waste of time. What shitty, unprofessional behavior from “journalists.”
    And they are still doing it. The stormy Daniels thing is he-said, she-said. The “she” is a hooker who violated an NDA, and who chose a thug extortionist lawyer to represent her. Why do people (including many conservatives) take her side? Does Trump have a history of banging hookers (the answer is “no”)?

  4. I listen to #nevertrumper Jonah Goldberg’s podcast.
    He really does have some intelligent things to say. In this podcast, he mentioned as an aside that Marx’s motivation in designing communism was not economics or history (he was wildly wrong on both, even for the standards of the day), or sympathy for the workers. Instead Marx was motivated by his atheism. He wanted to explain human history and the dynamics of political economy w/o resorting to God.
    But Goldberg is nuts on the subject of Trump. Goldberg explained that there was every reason that an intelligent person might believe Trump had colluded with Putin. He mentioned the usual things — Trump’s praise for Putin’s leadership of Russia, his joking call for the Russians to hack Hillary’s emails — but he ignored the most important question. Did any of these actions justify the appointment of a special counsel?
    Of course not. There was no crime, or evidence of a crime, absent the discredited Steele Dossier. IMHO, Trump was foolish to agree to Mueller’s appointment. The only excuse I can think of is that Trump thought Sessions would oversee Mueller. When Sessions recused himself Trump seemed to realize that he had walked into a trap.

  5. Cohen is convicted of paying off two women with whom Trump had affairs and of negotiating to build a Trump Hotel in Moscow. Trump claims he is lying to get a reduced sentence. In other words he falsely admitted to crimes he did not commit in order that the sentence for those non-crimes be reduced. 

    Someone has not thought this through.

    I guess the key question is how long should a good husband wait to bang a porn star after your child is born. Perhaps Trump can give us some tips? And when to write the hush money check? Not sure of the protocol on this.

  6. Wrong again, Emery. Cohen plead guilty to paying off two women who alleged that they had sex with Trump. Sloppy thinking is your hallmark, these days.

  7. Speaking of “sloppy”: tomorrow is the last day of grooming @ Hyland Three Rivers Park in Bloomington for X-County skiing. I’ll be there for the last ski of the season. ❄️

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