Unfinished Business

SCENE: Mitch BERG is sitting at the Dunn Brothers Freight House in Minneapolis, writing away, when Avery LIBRELLE walks up the stairs. Trapped, BERG sighs and waits for the inevitable.


BERG: (Crestfallen) Hey, Avery.

LIBRELLE: Mueller’s grand jury is still meeting in Washington DC!

BERG: Right. So…?

LIBRELLE: Guess that means Trump isn’t exonerated after all!

BERG: Could be!

LIBRELLE: In your face!

BERG: Could also be they’ve decided to investigate Hillary, the Clinton’s and the provenance of the “information” that led to the original FISA warrant that started the investigation, which was just a bunch of Democrat party opposition research.


BERG: Right?


BERG: Avery?

LIBRELLE: (Jaw flapping like a beached trout)

BERG: (Gets up to leave). Have a nice day.


14 thoughts on “Unfinished Business

  1. If only!
    Investigating the Clinton Crime Family would suck all the media attention away from the Mighty Dwarves (Warren, Harris, ‘Beto, Bernie, Gillibrand, Klobuchar, Hickenlooper, Inslee, Castro, Gabbard, Delaney, Williamson, Yang, and Booker) leaving the field to someone like Biden as the front runner for a Democrat electorate suffering from a severely depressed turnout . It would allow poisonous miscreants like Tlaib and Omar freedom to build a long trail of anti-Semitic rants that if handled correctly could have the effect of further suppressing Democrat turnout. Use a DOJ investigation to paint the Democrats with the Clinton brush.

  2. The moderation software must’ve been written by SJWs. Bitchy, cranky, pointlessly restrictive, and dictatorial. Mac, sometimes it’s just words that set the thing off. I wrote a set of comments to single post a few months ago in which experimented. I found that certain words, not profane, not questionable in anyway, set off the moderation.

  3. I sooggest thet yuoo roon ell ooff yuoor cumments thruoogh zee “Svedeesh Cheff” lungooege-a feelter. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp!

  4. Veet zee Svedeesh Cheff lungooege-a feelter, yuoo cun ifee menshun theengs leeke-a suceeelism und certeeen irecteele-a dysffooncshun medeeceshuns veethuoot treeggering zee mudereshun sufftvere-a.

  5. Like I told people after the news came out Sunday. Let the REAL investigation begin.

  6. whether I am off (or on) my meds, I have sown that I can succesfully game the SITD moderstion queue.
    Fur thuse-a ooff us vhu dvell in suceeelist cuoontreees, droogs tu treet irecteele-a deesffooncshun ere-a ieseely oobteeened, et stete-a ixpense-a.

  7. I think MP is telling us he thinks pakalolo is da kine! Tees bedder den see-al-is.

  8. Sokig da’ kine is too cool for me. I have lived on the Big Island for almost thirty years, I still sound like I am from Minnesota. Uf Da! I rarely wear shorts, and when I do, they are the four pocket, docker style. I still wear stockings with flip-flops, and this AM another Midwesterner & I compared skin color for paleness quotient. Like milk, man, like milk.

  9. A Few months ago I hired a carpenter to do some work on the house. Looked local, had a local name, but talked haole. no pidgin, and when he needed a helper he hired a haole. Talked to him & found he was half-Mexican, half Filipino, born and raised in Colorado. I love diversity!

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