Out Of The (Safe) Bag

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Liberals insist they must have safe spaces, free from people who upset them with BadThink ideas.  Sounds great.  Let’s start with bathrooms.  Women means biologically female, no transgender men who mistakenly think they’re women.  Gated communities are safe spaces.  North Oaks should put up the gates again.  No BadThink socialists allowed inside our ritzy neighborhood.  Golf courses should be safe.  No Jews, Negros, Women allowed to join?  So what?  The rest of the members are protected from minority BadThink. It a safe space.  It’s our right.  Liberals said so. And about that cake you want decorated . . . .
Safe Spaces are really a resurrection of Freedom of Assembly.  I should be free to gather together with whomever I choose, which carries the necessary implication that I should not be forced to assemble with people I don’t want to associate with.  But of course with the Left, it’s freedom for me but not for thee.  Hypocrisy is impossible for people without standards. 

Along with racism, hate and misogyny, the accusation is never about making the world more moral or less evil. It’s about controlling the argument by bullying you.

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