4 thoughts on “Not For Turning

  1. I think that I know how these “boycotts” work.
    Most big company have a lot of women in administration. Educated, but not terribly smart. They’ve been taught, in “studies” classes, that thanks to our patriarchial, capitalist culture, they may find themselves working at some meaningless, soul-killing corporate job, they can still redeem themselves — find value in their existence — by being an activist within the corporate structure.
    I would love to see the decision-path taken by, say, Tripadvisor, when it declined to place further advertisements on Ingraham’s program. I believe you would find that the decision to enforce Hogg’s boycott was rubber stamped by management after being made by SJW’s in the ‘soft’ parts of management — social media, marketing, and especially HR. HR is the worst, they are the racist foot soldiers of the fascist ‘social justice’ movement.

  2. I just love that a 17 year old kid who got middling scores on his SAT and could not get into a public university in California, is cogent enough to consider boycotting the investment firms that own and/or finance gun manufacturers. That his supporters don’t realize this, that he is being fed every single word and idea by a partisan political shadow group, speaks volumes about their complete idiocy.

    *runs from Mitch’s perturbed grammatical backhand swipe*

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