I’ve recently became aware of “Muggeridge’s Law” – I have an article coming up on the subject.  Muggeridge’s Law states that it’s impossible to be funny, since one’s most hamfistedly satirical “predictions” will inevitably be borne out in fact.

When I first heard the news of the terrorist attacks in Paris, I thought – I kid you not – “some gun grabber group will blame this on the NRA”.

Muggeridge reared his head; the ghouls at “Moms Want Action” struck over the weekend:

I won’t bother asking if “Moms Want Action” is aware that the terrorists used plenty of explosives, or that their guns were the kind of fully-automatic AK47s that are illegal in Wyoming and Kansas, much less France, where the law-abiding citizen can’t easily get permission to own, much less carry, a handgun.   They don’t know the difference, and if they did, they wouldn’t care, because their  goal isn’t to convince people who know what they’re talking about (99% of whom are pro-Second-Amendment), but rather to Lie First, Lie Last, Lie Always to keep the uninformed in line.

I won’t even ask if they’ve noticed that this is the the third major terrorist attack in gun-free Paris involving guns and explosives this year; the death toll among them all is hovering close to 150 – almost as bad as Chicago – and there’s no way we’re done.

The Twin Cities gun grabber groups don’t want a conversation, much less an open debate.  They made this clear last month.

I’m about done waiting for them to come to the debate.

7 thoughts on “#GunDense

  1. They want us disarmed so they can round us up and either machine gun us into ditches or put us in reeducation camps.
    I know you don’t like to admit it, but that, ultimately, is how Bolsheviks roll.

  2. Really, Emery? You are legally allowed to buy guns in the US if you intend to use them to murder people?
    You ought to stay away from whatever Left-wing talking points web sites you read.

  3. Joe Doakes writes: “[in America] There are 30,000 gun deaths per year: 19,000 suicides, 10,000 murders, 500 “accidental discharges” and the rest are undetermined. Round numbers.”
    I suspect the vast majority of those firearms were bought legally from a licensed gun dealer. The 2nd amendment cuts both ways.

  4. Yes, Emery, you “suspect” a lot of things. And, like a lot of ignorant people, you seem to think the existence of the Second Amendment means we have no regulations pertaining to guns.

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