Nothing To Hide

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

If we’re going to let government ignore the law in favor of inquisitive gossip, here are a few questions I’d like to see:

Have you ever protested official US government policy such as the War in Vietnam or the War in Iraq? [anti-government sentiments]

Are you, or any member of your extended family in this country or abroad, a member of the Muslim faith? [possible terrorist]

Are you gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered? [potential depressive, possible suicide]

Do you live in a predominantly Black, Hispanic or Asian neighborhood? [may tend to violence]

Are you a single mother? [poor judge of character]

When you were in High School, did the Cool Girls Clique snub you? [bitter, resentful]

Do you have a visible means of support upon which you pay state income tax? [shiftless, no-account, lazy]

Have you ever consulted a mental health professional or counsellor, at any time, for any reason? [nuts]

Have you, or any member of your household, ever used, possessed or sold marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, or other illegal drugs? [doper]

Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of an organization committed to the overthrow of the American Way of Life, i.e. the Democrat party? [self-explanatory]

I can’t see why anyone would object to telling Law Enforcement these personal details before being allowed to exercise Fundamental Constitutional Rights. Put them on the Application to Register to Vote, the Application for Welfare and the Application To Have An Abortion, too. What’s the problem?

Joe Doakes

As long as you’re following the rules…

11 thoughts on “Nothing To Hide

  1. What a collosal load of crap.

    You have flawed thinking Doakes. For example : Overthrowing the American Way of Life equates to being a member of the DEMOCRATIC party?

    You’re ridiculous and so is this post. Conservatives believe things which are factually false, and frequently ridiculous. You know — shit like Republican conservatives voted for voting rights and civil rights legislation when the reality is that every single vote against that legislation came from CONSERVATIVES , some who were Democratic conservatives from the deep south, and some who were northern and westers conservatives in the GOP.

    The groups who are trying to overthrow the American Way of LIfe are like these fools, right wing nuts with violent tendencies, guns and bombs:

  2. “What a colossal load of crap.”

    So now DG is providing abstracts so we don’t have to read her whole post?

  3. gosh DG you mean famous “conservative” Democrats like Robert Byrd (who Democrats called “The conscience of the Senate”) on June 10th 1964 for 14+ hrs – part of the Democrats 57 day filibuster of the Civil Rights Act?
    So much for your “conservative” revisionism thesis.
    Democrats (and DG) = the party of Slavery, Secession, Segregation and the KKK…

  4. O Dg how about Sen Albert Gore, TN? He was one of the leaders of the Senate Democrats who mounted the filibuster. Be careful trying to portray him as a “conservative”, his voting record will certainly trip you up.
    Or how about Sen Fulbright (see genius grants – not that that would interest you) his voting record also can hardly be characterized as “conservative”

    Face it DG, the word “conservative” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  5. And, true to form, DG completely misses the point of the post. Perhaps she was distracted by a dog whistle? Too bad, too, because I was interested in reading her reaction to this crap piece of attempted regulation.

  6. DG,

    You missed Joe’s point with almost geometric precision.

    Words fail me. Seriously.

  7. The “straw man” is a rhetorical device used to trick an audience by substituting a proposition you made for one I made, then defeating your proposition and claiming that proves I am wrong. It only works on an ignorant audience that doesn’t catch the substitution.

    Democrats pretend they are better friends to Blacks than Republicans, even though the Civil Rights Act wouldn’t have passed had Republicans not voted for it, as there was substantial opposition from Conservative Southern Democrats.

    Your Straw Man argument substitutes Conservatives for Republicans and you claim that proves Democrats are better friends to Blacks. Won’t work – this is not an ignorant audience, we saw the switch.

  8. Nate – I’m not the first to observe how addicted liberals seem to be to the straw man.

  9. 2 days after the fact so probably only Mitch will see this, but…

    You have flawed thinking Doakes. For example : Overthrowing the American Way of Life equates to being a member of the DEMOCRATIC party?

    “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming this nation…”

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