Chanting Points Memo: Democrat Fakery Labor Party

 Bill Glahn notes that the Dayton campaign’s latest TV ad – featuring a “beleaguered middle class family” – continues a long DFL tradition:

The Ports are in no sense “middle class.” Steve Port owns his own businessin Burnsville, employing several staff. In true, “What’s the Matter with Kansas” fashion, I’m not sure the Ports—by supporting Democrats—are operating in their own self-interest as small-business owners in Minnesota.

But they do support the Democrats. Besides the sizable campaign donations, Lindsey Port recently wrote a letter to the editor supportive of the Democratic cause.

And we do mean large contributions; the Ports gave $1,000 to Roz Peterson’s undistinguished lump of a DFL opponent. 

This is, of course, a DFL pattern.  Four years ago, the DFL and the “Alliance for a Better Minnesota” and its media allies at “The Uptake”, produced a piece featuring a mother who was “boycotting Target” because of their pro-business campaign donation to the putatively “anti-gay” Tom Emmer.  Of course, the woman was an upper-middle-class DFL donor from the southwest suburbs

The DFL.  Fake outrage.  Fake numbers.  Fake people.

7 thoughts on “Chanting Points Memo: Democrat Fakery Labor Party

  1. A while back there was a fundraiser (was it with Bush 43?) at a private home along Lake Minnetonka. One of the lefty columnist “fund” a neighbor of this house who was an “independent”, but was upset about the fundraiser in his neighborhood. Can’t remember what all he said, but the columist portrayed this poor guy as an oridinary Joe, shut out of the high priced fundraiser.

    A blogger took 5 minutes on the internet to show that this “independent” ordinary Joe was a big DFL donar and activist. Same with those letters to the editor that say “I’ve voted Republican my entire life, but I cannot vote for…”. Yes. It’s hard to keep secrets in the internet age.

  2. Common method of pushing a lefty message, and it works only because the media is in cahoots with them. Lifelong activist for abortion rights is depicted as “just another grandma” who became concerned about abortion rights when “the grand daughter of friend” had a pregnancy that “almost killed her.”

  3. Yet, the brain dead, too lazy to get the facts, idiots that are too inept to do for themselves and need the government to run their lives, believe every word of these ads.

  4. Finally saw a union commercial against Stuart Mills. He inherited millions from his grandpa’s retail empire.

    Then I saw one against Mike whats-his-name, running for governor. His business is in Bermuda to avoid taxes.

    I kept thinking: Mark Dayton inherited millions from HIS grandpa’s retail empire. His trust fund is in South Dakota to avoid taxes. Yet he’s the union darling.

    Not a peep from any media outlet about the hypocrisy. Pathetic.

  5. A while back there was a fundraiser (was it with Bush 43?) at a private home along Lake Minnetonka.

    If I remember correctly, said fundraiser (GWB stumping for Michele Bachmann) took place at the former Pillsbury mansion currently owned by investment banker James Jundt. (it’s for sale for a measly $24M right now)

    (caution, obnoxious auto-loading crappy midi music, but there is a pause button at the bottom)

    Here’s the “neighborhood” that was so inconvenienced:

    I bet he was an “independent” who voted for Obama because he was the lesser of two evils in his mind. It must have been HORRIFIC to have to drive by all those REPUBLICAN CARS that afternoon.

  6. JD: Yea, as I’ve posted before, I can’t believe that either the Mills campaign or the MNGOP hasn’t called out Marky Dayton on his hypocrisy. The fact that his inheritance came off the backs of mostly minimum wage, part time workers at all of their retail outlets. Further, it was almost grounds for termination if you asked for benefits or to get enough hours to qualify for them. They were militant about keeping all but the most minimal staff under 34 hours per week. Then, as you observed, he hides those funds in South Dakota to avoid paying his “fair share” of taxes. Don’t even get me started on the additional arguments against that lying beetch Messenger!

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