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  1. He should have been shot dead before he got five feet from the fence if not before he touched the ground. Will it take someone with an explosive vest getting to the White House door for the administration to start taking national security seriously?

  2. Mitch, perhaps you can comment on the tax payer funded non-profit that spent HUGE amounts of money on fun vacation trips for its people. The one where Keith Ellison and Barb Johnson are on the board of directors.

  3. Nope.

    It was an intruder. Two actually; one just got further than the other.

    Or do you consider it appropriate to characterize a citizen of this country, who served in the Iraq war, as undocumented?

    Perhaps you were confused, because his surname is Gonzalez?

    Apparently Gonzalez suffers from serious, incapacitating mental illness, believes the sky is falling, or the atmosphere is collapsing, or some other delusion — and owns lots of guns.


    “WASHINGTON – The former stepson of a man accused of sneaking into the White House said the Iraq war veteran owns “plenty of firepower” that he could have brought with him if he meant any harm.

    Omar Gonzalez is expected to appear in court Monday to face charges of unlawfully entering a restricted building or grounds while carrying a deadly or dangerous weapon – a knife in this case.

    Jerry Murphy, whose mother was married to Gonzalez for several years, said Gonzalez suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and that he needs treatment, not to be treated like a criminal.

    He said Gonzalez has been driving around the country and living out of his truck for the past couple of years, and that he always carries his knife.

    “I know he’s got heavy artillery, you know? He’s got all kinds of weapons and he was trained to use them,” Murphy said. “

  4. So, Pound Puppy, if you’re soooo sooo concerned about people with mental illness running around owning guns I assume you’re also willing to bring back the methods we used to control folks like that: involuntary commitment to mental health facilities for treatment? Or are you unconcerned that humans (I’d say fellow humans, but on the Internet you play a Dog in more ways than one) with mental illness suffer homelessness living out of their trucks, delusions, and PTSD untreated? I wouldn’t treat an actual dog the way we treat our mentally ill.

  5. Or do you consider it appropriate to characterize a citizen of this country, who served in the Iraq war, as undocumented?

    Try getting into nearly any Federal building these days: they all demand your documents.

  6. Musta been a shift change and the guys were bullsh*ttin’. Usually there are guards all over the place there; you couldn’t get over the fence, much less to the door.
    I don’t think a person should necessarily be assassinated or mauled by an attack dog for climbing the White House fence. Intercepted, yes – that’s what the Secret Service is for. Catch him (every inch of that place is certainly under the best surveillance in the world), take him down by the least-violent means available, and turn him over to the quacks. Heck, you used to be able to walk right up on the lawn there. No fences, no barricades. And Reagan never worried about it.
    I think the only mistake here was letting the guy get as far as he did. He had a knife – but did not pull it. If he had, he would have been ghosted for sure.

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