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  1. Not exactly sure how I feel about this…
    On the one hand, the authorities went overboard closing the street with such extreme prejudice 15 minutes or more ahead of time that they couldn’t make an exception for a woman in labor or a lone emergency vehicle to use the street. Given how rarely this Administration is on time with anything from Press Conferences to a properly working Obamacare website, they could have let the poor lady cross and would have had plenty of time to spare.
    On the other hand, the President’s schedule and route are communicated widely in advance. Regardless of who the President is, an attempt on the Presidents life would likely not harm – as G Kellior was wont to say – the ‘Current Occupant’ but would harm the people who are sworn to protect the President. I can understand that extreme caution in avoiding unnecessary risks is their job.
    Then again, there was that guy with the horse head mask on that got through to shake the President’s hand…

  2. I can understand some caution to make sure the President (or people in the Secret Service) aren’t able to be easily attacked, but I don’t see why nobody could radio HQ to see if they can get a pregnant woman across the street to the hospital. And this one isn’t on Dear Leader, but rather on the Secret Service–it’s that militaristic police thing again, can’t bend for anything.

    And quite frankly, if we’re publishing the route, I’ve got to question their tactics. Maybe, just maybe, mix it up enough so that it’ll be a little more difficult to stage an attack?

  3. Pregnant lady? She’s a suicide bomber, packing enough explosive to take out the entire motorcade. You fell for one of the classic blunders!


  4. The war on what?

    Why inconvenience the president over a woman too stupid to use her hard- fought-for birth control products. Or worse, squandered a perfectly good opportunity to exercise her “right to choose”? Probably a right wing Christian who’s most likely heterosexual.

  5. And how do we know that they weren’t new hockey enforcers a la Bob Probert, jpmn? Huh? Huh?

  6. Exactly. How do we know those Boy Scouts didn’t have cocaine sewn into their underwear?

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