This Is Occupied Minneapolis

I went to “Occupy Minnesota” yesterday, around noonish

And I recorded a video.

Yes, the camera work is bad; the city is occupied, so I had to be careful.

UPDATE: I’m informed that a leftyblogger has brought out video of the last Tax Day Tea Party Rally, by way of comparison.

Which just goes to show you that reading leftyblogs is its own…well, if not “punishment”, it’s at least it’s kinda self-limiting on its own, if you observe even the most rudimentary logic.

I mean, it was in the low thirties at 8AM on April 16 – as opposed to 80-something at noon on a gorgeous Sunday. Heck, even the leftyblogger who’s doing the tittering, who usually shows up with his video camera to try to mock Tea Party attendees, skipped it.

And we’re not talking about the Tea Party – which, to the left and media (pardon the redundancy) bounces back and forth between “irrelevant and pathetic” and “singly responsible for everything that’s in the Democrats’ way”, often at the same time.  We’re not talking about “Occupy Wall Street”, which has gotten absolutely slavish coverage from all the media (for its message of “the media are ignoring us!”).  If the Tea Party is a risible nonentity – which is what the leftyblogger in question usually would have you believe – then his point is a dog bites man story.

The fact that “Occupy Minnesota” is a joke, however, flies in the face of the repeated assurances from media at all levels, though, that this really really is bigger than the Tea Party.

Get back to us when they’ve completely swayed the 2012 election.

And don’t please hold your breath.

13 thoughts on “This Is Occupied Minneapolis

  1. Wow, looks bad. Throngs of ordinary Progressives brandishing placards, totally dominating the public space to send their message of . . . whatever it was. Gives me chills just watching. Thank God you got out alive, Mitch and that you were able to smuggle out this video. So the World will Never Forget.

    As soon as it stops laughing.

  2. I was impressed with the sign that says “Labor creates all wealth” because it is absolutely right! The next question should be, “Why aren’t you out laboring?” That’s the problem with most of these people, they get a good thought (or slogan) (some or often times given to them by somebody else), and then can’t find their way to the naturally-following thought with two hands and a flashlight.

  3. J,

    The question I keep wanting to ask those “Labor Theory of Value” adherents is “OK, why don’t you just start doing work. Some work. ANY work. Dig a trench, build a kite, ride a bike from point A to point B, draw a picture.

    Then, await payment.

    If Labor creates wealth, the fact that you labored should cause money – or food, or housing, or whatever you judge value by – to fall into your lap.

    Let us know how that goes.

  4. The MSM promotion of these people reminds me of when Air America was starting up. The “liberal version of Rush Limbaugh” got incredible amounts of free publicity. But it didn’t make Air America work, and it doesn’t seem to be helping the white folks for free stuff movement.
    My theory? MSM can destroy someone (Dan Qualye), can change perceptions (if I ran a marketing company, I would hire the gay rights organizers as they are geniuses), but MSM can’t make people actually take action to support something (Air America, and dirty hippie rallies).

  5. Noon? Dude… Talk about biased, cherry picking reporting. Everyone knows hippies don’t wake up until 3PM.

    I had the misfortune of driving past at 3:45 and People’s Plaza looked packed. I tell you, jammed with people wearing purple jerseys and horns.

  6. “The question I keep wanting to ask those “Labor Theory of Value” adherents”

    You, or they, (or both) misunderstand the labor theory of value. It does not posit that any labor has inherent value. It merely says that labor + [inert object or something] = wealth. For example, an apple on a tree has no value. It’s just sitting there, doing nothing, and it’s value is only in its potential and unrealized. However, a guy picks the apple and takes it to where it can be procured by someone else (who will pay, say a dime for it), he has added the value through his labor (and created 10 cents of “wealth”. The apple picker is a dime better off, and the person who bought the apple is 1 apple better off than he would have been if not for the apple picker. I think it’s John Locke’s theory (though I may be wrong about that), and is a pretty conservative view.

  7. The sign carrier, presumably some stripe of socialist, is wrong about his message if he believes it to be Marxist thought. Here is a quote from the horse’s mouth:

    “Labor is not the source of all wealth. Nature is just as much a source of use values (and it is surely of such that material wealth consists!) as labor which is itself only the manifestation of a force of nature, human labor power.” (from A critique of the Gotha program, Chapter 1)

  8. I conclusively disproved the labor theory of value in shop class. No matter how much effort I put into it, how much sandpaper I wasted on it, my napkin holder remained lopsided and unsightly. Labor wasn’t enough, lumber wasn’t enough, what was needed was skill, sorely lacking.

    That same lesson applies to most homeowner remodeling jobs, which do not add sweat equity but insted creat sweat blight, leaving the property uglier than before they started.

    Only people with too much experience in public education could believe that “I tried” is the same as “I succeeded” and therefore “I should get paid for it.”

  9. I love the sign on that table “We need pLrepared lunch on Sunday, please.” In other words, we need someone else to foot the bill for our lunch and we can’t spell. Obviously, the MSM and the Red Star reporters covering this desecration of our county government center, conveniently fail to notice these things!

    Following my comment on Friday, I expected some of these moochers to be wandering through the tailgaters on Sunday and was not disappointed. What really impressed me was the number of people that told them to pound sand when they were attempting to get free beer and food. In fact, one of these idiots almost got his butt kicked when he was caught reaching into a cooler to grab a beer. Ah, it was a great day!

  10. I appreciate the fact that they were all sitting on the butts doing nothing. All of that training is finally paying off.

  11. I couldn’t view the video from work. Now that I’ve seen it, Thank You Mitch for giving up an otherwise beautiful Sunday to spend time documenting the Progs crawling out from under their rocks. I was indulging my self-absorbed pasttime of playing golf, hoping some day that the evil Koch brothers might some day invite me to play on top of the bodies of the oppressed bodies of working families.

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