This is from the Pioineer Press letters to the editor:

With the Ford plant long gone — and with Henry Ford’s reputation of being a major anti-Semite — I have been thinking about renaming Ford Parkway.

The replacement name I would like to recommend is “George Latimer Parkway.”

According to one current city councilor, “Latimer was hands down the best mayor we ever had.” So who could be more deserving of having a major St. Paul street named after him? What an honor!

With all due respect to the “one current councilor” standard, let’s be honest: all it takes is for two or more Highland Park DFL busybody biddies to start agitating for it, and it’ll likely happen – and that was evenb before the St Paul City Council devolved into the pack of hyenas it largely is today, saved from being the worst City Council in Minnesota only because Minneapolis is next door.

Still and all, I have a list of alternative, better ideas:

3) Rename it “Quit Using The CIty As Your Playground, Highland Park Busybodies Parkway” (we’ll need longer street signs, which will provide jobs).
2) Name it for the last *good* mayor we had, Norm Coleman.
1) Leave it alone and and fix the roads and hire some cops.


5 thoughts on “Mediocrity

  1. Ha! At least half of all DemoCommies are anti-semites, yet even the elected and government stooges that are appointed by them, refuse to call it out. I’m told that this is because those Jews are DemoCommies first, then Jews.

    I didn’t live in the cities during Latimer’s reign, I can’t comment on his performance, but, renaming Ford Parkway for him is wrong. Ford could have closed that plant at least four times in history, but they stuck with it, providing thousands of jobs over that time frame and contributing to the surrounding communities.

  2. Speaking of renaming: A certain local podcaster who is currently suffering from a “soap opera coma”, and who is a friend and colleague of your 3-5pm slot host, moved to the NE Minneapolis arts district about 5-6 years ago. He came up with a funny idea of starting an agitation campaign: Since several former presidents have been accused of being slave owners, and since there is the stretch of streets in Minneapolis named for former presidents, let’s get a campaign started to persuade (*cough* force *cough* shame *cough*) Minneapolis to rename those racially oppressed streets to provide just one more instance of social justice. A’la Cahoun > Bde Maka Ska

    He himself has no animosity towards those presidents. He just wanted to stir up some shit. He would plant the idea seed and let “stakeholders” run with it. But he wasn’t invested enough to go beyond light brainstorming.

  3. Justplainangry; the Lindbergh Terminal has been Terminal 1 for several years. No mention of Lindbergh anywhere on the property.

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