NYC Was A Gas

SCENE: Mitch BERG Is shopping for a new stove at the appliance store. Focusing on spec sheets, he doesn’t notice Avery LIBRELLE, who makes a beeline for BERG.


BERG: Oh, whyyyyyhi, there, Avery. What’s…

LIBRELLE: Shut up. The paranoia of you wingnuts is hilarious. Now you’re saying “big bad gummint” is coming for your gas stoves.

BERG: Yeah – I hard NPR saying that, last week.

It’s the latest tempest in a teapot on the internet and in Washington politics – what some have dubbed StoveGate. That is the idea of banning natural gas cooking stoves. The controversy started with a remark from Richard Trumka, a commissioner on the Consumer Product Safety Commission, last month before a consumer advocacy group. He cited health studies about gas stoves.

LIBRELLE: Exactly. Nobody’s coming for your gas stove.

BERG: But they’ve been talking about wanting to ban them for years.

LIBRELLE: (Theatrical sigh). OK, Merg. Are they coming for your gas stove right now?

BERG: You people do this with everything. With CRT in schools…

LIBRELLE: Are they literally teaching your kids a law-school level sociology class, right this second?

BERG: …and bespoke gender…

LIBRELLE: Are they booking your kid for gender reassignment surgery right this second as we speak?

BERG: …or socialism…

LIBRELLE? Are they nationalizing your busienss right now?

BERG: Or gun control.

LIBRELLE: Is there a SWAT team beating down your door, not your neighbor’s door but your front door, looking for your guns right this second?

BERG: …then you call us hysterical.

LIBRELLE: Heeeyyyyy! Hysterical is anti-feminist, and implies that insanity is a feminine trait.

BERG: (Seeing a golden opportunity) Am I telling a woman she’s hysterical right this second?

LIBRELLE: Why, as a matter of fact…

(Gas oven lights off with an exaggerated roar. LIBRELLE walks away by the time the sound dies down).

BERG (to clerk). Did you catch that?

CLERK: I was wondering myself.

BERG: Guess we’ll never know.


27 thoughts on “NYC Was A Gas

  1. They want you to use electricity instead of gas because your electricity use can be monitored and rationed in real time.

  2. In these “range wars,” is the anti-electric faction merely gaslighting us?

    I hesitate to give intellectual ground to folks who can’t be trusted to use good faith arguments in any event (Tucker Carlson, and any industry flack), but the CPSC and similar agencies really need to think about how their statements sound. Of course no one was talking about banning gas stoves, but using language like “no option is off the table” is unnecessarily provocative.

    We’re pretty serious cooks and made the leap to an induction stove from gas this 2 years ago. No regrets, can’t imagine using a gas stove again. It’s remarkable how well induction works and how much time it saves us in the kitchen.

  3. Clearly, what has taken place here is the left tried floating a trial balloon as part of Biden’s green agenda, and the press fell into lockstep, flooding the zone with repetitive messaging on the vile nature of propane ovens. Then when the public outcry/pushback/mockery welled up there was an immediate shift in the messaging. The administration backed away and the press altered its narrative.

  4. Once again, Bot Boy lies to support a narrative. Tell us, dip stick, how is the electricity to run your induction cook top generated? I didn’t think it was possible for someone to get dumber, but then you post something else that’s dumber than your previous ones.

  5. ⬆️ Place your bets on who will be the first Republican to die of carbon monoxide poisoning or a house fire/explosion to ‘own the libs.’

  6. Emery
    When did your life becomes something other than chattel for your mother to dispose of at her whim?

  7. Regarding induction stoves, aren’t they typically about $3000 and up? Now top flight gas ranges are similar in cost, but if you’re telling the world that induction is a worthy match to natural gas or propane, you’re really telling people buying a stove for $500-$1000 that they ought to pay 3x-6x as much. You may as well tell your typical Kia driver that their only choice is going to be a Mercedes–which is really what is going on with electric vehicle subsidies and mandates.

    Plus, it’s worth noting that the efficiency of electric is about a third that of natural gas–that is the Carnot efficiency of the power plant. So to remove a bit of CO and NOx from the air of kitchens (something ventilation hoods have been doing well for a century), we’re going to burn about 3x more fuel and generate 3x more pollutants.

    Looks like Democrats and progressives have a little bit of a problem with math & science, to put it mildly.

  8. BB
    having been through several tornadoes and ice storms that left my neighbors and I without electricity for days having gas appliances meant we could at least cook the food that was going bad in the refrigerator
    induction stoves don’t work on non-ferrous pots and pans so buying the induction stove means throwing away any copper, aluminum, and most stainless steel cookwear and buying new, expensive, pots and pans. Why does Emery hate poor people?

  9. NYC vs NYS. East Oregon vs West Oregon. Maybe there is hope?

    PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Senate Joint Memorial 2, also known as the Greater Idaho bill, was introduced on the floor of the Oregon legislature by Republican state Senator Dennis Linthicum of Klamath Falls on Jan. 10.

    The bill requests “discussion between Oregon and Idaho governments regarding relocation of Oregon and Idaho border,” according to the bill text.

    Voters in 11 eastern Oregon counties have already approved ballot measures indicating their support for joining the State of Idaho.

    “Eastern Oregon is culturally, politically, economically much more similar to Idaho than it is to western Oregon,” said Matt McCaw, a Grater Idaho Movement spokesperson. “Our movement is about self-determination and matching people to government that they want and that matches their values. In Oregon, we’ve had this urban-rural divide for a very long time.”

  10. They don’t want you to burn wood, either.
    Burning wood is as green as you can get, it is not a fossil fuel, and when the tree dies and decomposes naturally it emits the same amount of C02.

  11. ^ We use a wood burning Jøtul for supplemental heat in our lower level.

    Pig — We went with an induction range in our remodeled kitchen and I prefer cooking on it to the gas range in our old kitchen. Heats faster, as rapid changes in heat, most of the heat goes into pot not kitchen and less indoor pollution.

  12. Um, Bot Boy, are trying to tell us that you didn’t have an exhaust fan to suck out the gas fumes and smoke? If you ran it any time you had your gas stove cooking anything than boiling water, you wouldn’t have to worry about pollution. I suspect that 99.999% of gas stove equipped homes in NY, have exhaust fans in the kitchen.

  13. Emery, you’re free to own and enjoy your induction stove/range. But please grasp that when a government agency makes a proposal like this, they have motivations in mind, and they will go forward if not shot down. Increasinglly as well, they are working hand in hand with liberal activist groups–that is what the furor during the Obama administration over “sue and settle” was.

    And this includes your wood stove, which also produces CO and NOx. The same logic used to suggest banning gas stoves can be applied to anything that burns anything anywhere in your home. They need to be told in no uncertain terms that the standard is not “a harm could be done”, but rather “a harm is done which cannot be mitigated with existing technologies.”

    The end game, then, is for the CPSC to push us from environmentally sound (and often renewable) technologies to greater dependence on the electrical grid–and that as the grid becomes more and more unstable with eagle-killers (windmills) and snow-holders (solar panels) pushing the environmentally sound sources (coal, gas, nuclear) into ever higher rates of thermal cycling.

    Yeah, they’re coming for your wood stove, too, and you’d better have a plan for keeping your pipes from freezing when that happens and the power goes out.

  14. This really is a problem with the regulatory state. A bureaucracy is given a goal by congress, say, reduce indoor air pollutants. It then uses a bureaucratic process may or may not include public input (but this input can always be ignored).
    This was a system setup in the early days of progressivism a hundred years ago, and the lack of democratic input is considered a feature, not a bug.

  15. “I hesitate to give intellectual ground…”

    Hahahahaha! Yeah, well when you’re starting from an intellectual ditch, you can’t afford to give an inch!

    Hahaha hahaha! You fucking troon.

    “We went with an induction range in our remodeled kitchen and I prefer cooking on it to the gas range…”

    Yeah, heats up a can of spaghetti-O’s in half the time it took his Coleman cook stove. Lmao.

    MuH reMOdELeD KiCHUN!!


  16. Notice when the topic was the stock market, rAT has just cashed in and taken profits, when it was house interest rates, he’s got a faBUlOUs LAkeFrONt EsTATe, when it was Covid, his daughter is an ER nURsE and when it’s gas stoves, he’s just remodeled his kitchen and “gone with” Muh InducTIoN.

    If there’s a more pathetic, obvious liar operating on the interwebs, I’d like to see it.

  17. How can it be, that a wildly successful, intellectual giant like rAT Emery cannot put a cogent thought together unless he pilfers excerpts from leftist cesspools, and cannot even manage to find one that fits into the context of the discussion at hand?

    Or looked at from the other direction, how does a massive, proven buffoon like rAT Emery manage to live the luxury lifestyle he tells us is his?

    It was a rhetorical question, of course…. He doesn’t.

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  19. From Big man’s link:

    “The murder map in the report looks like the map of the concentration of Democratic voters in the nation.”

    This is gutless, bullshit. Yeah, blacks vote straight Reprobate ballots, but it’s not their politics that make them murderous. Their politics just *enables* their murderous nature.

    “Murder isn’t a nationwide problem,” Lott’s study said. “It’s a problem in a small set of urban areas and even in those counties murders are concentrated in small areas inside them, and any solution must reduce those murders,”

    The solution must first identify the problem accurately. It’s not geography; it’s not politics; it’s blacks.

    Let’s all say it together; IT’S THE BLACKS.

  20. “Yeah, they’re coming for your wood stove, too”

    We plan on heating our new Compound HQ with wood. To grade our 1/4 mile road and house pad, I had to take down >30 oak trees, averaging 50′ tall. I’m going to saw most into lumber, but we will still have a 5 year supply of stove wood at hand.

    We’ve settled on a very high performance stove

    Our choice was 100% driven on criteria that served us best. We didn’t give Gaia a moments thought. If the reprobates want to take it, they had better pack a lunch.

  21. Our benevolent government, with their goal to rule every aspect of our lives, want everything electric for a reason. Through their proxies, which are the power companies, they can turn your electricity off, if you don’t follow the narrative. As we saw in Colorado last summer, Xcel Energy customers that had the smart meters installed, Xcel controlled the temperature and there was no override. The flying monkeys at the Fed, as well as the elitists at the WEF, are pushing for a digital global currency that they can control, for the same reason. We only need to look north of the border where Little Castro ordered the Bank of Canada to freeze the accounts of the truckers that were involved in the protests last year. It backfired on the stupid bastard when there was a run on the bank that only ended when those accounts were unfrozen.

    Blade, that’s a pretty impressive stove. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. If the exhaust is that clean, I wonder if there would be an efficient way to capture some of that heat for another purpose, like maybe heating water.

  22. Through their proxies, which are the power companies, they can turn your electricity off, if you don’t follow the narrative.

    They can turn off gas just as easily.

  23. ^^ So you’re saying we should go with the 1000 gal propane tank rather than the 500, UMMP?

    Sounds like a good plan.

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