Our Betters Have Spoken

Author Thomas Ricks on Twitter:

Three blocks from my house, August 26,2020.

Well, there is a dumbass dupe in the conversation.

10 thoughts on “Our Betters Have Spoken

  1. Ricks is a prize winning journalist. However his inability to see the nose on his face makes me wonder if he shouldn’t be considered for a Walter Duranty award.

  2. Back in the day when I watched the oh-so-serious chin-stroking PBS News Hour, Ricks was a regular guest depicting the thoughtful, wise journalist. It’s funny how tweets can inadvertently give insight behind the facade.

  3. What is meant by “last summer”?

    It’s fall now. I think he’s trying to be a little clever with his wording by meaning summer of 2021.

  4. One would think that someone who works as a “public thinker” might actually, say, “read the papers” or “watch the news” before making comments like that.

  5. Speaking of whackadoodles: what the heck happened to George Will? He is writing in a recent Washington compost article that the Biden handlers need to keep him under wraps, lest the , GASP!!!, Republicans come back into power, which might also mean “you know who”.

    So when people can barely afford a turkey dinner (if they can find a turkey), and when shelves are bare at Christmas.

    When people this winter are choosing between heating their homes and eating, well by cracky, at least it’s not Trump.

    More later in case this gets moderated.

  6. Kinlaw,
    Trump, or more specifically TDS, broke George Will. It’s a shame too.
    Jonah Goldberg interviewed George Will on the Remnant Podcast back in October. Decent interview despite that, and Jonah even pushed back on some of Will’s most egregious positions, though it took about 30 minutes to circle back to the issue.

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