Meet The Petard

Barack Obama found a low-key culture war – including a racial divide that had largely settled down – and fanned it, deliberately and to his electoral benefit.

And now that the wind seems to be changing?

From 2009 – when Obama started peddling the story of the impending wave of “white supremacist terror ” that was going to “dwarf 9/11” – to the exploitation of every racially-tingled incident, Obama was the Erwin Rommel of the Culture Wars. The right is still waiting for its Montgomery.

And I’d like to remind our DFL friends – the “phony trumped-up culture war’ he’s talking about is the cover-up of sexual assauilts in the Loudon County, Virginia schools.

So. .#MeToo.

The culture war, at least in terms of issues affecting the 2022 mid-terms, seems to be blowing in the Dems faces.

14 thoughts on “Meet The Petard

  1. Obama record of boosting other Democrat candidates is awful.
    Biden won the nomination in 2020 despite Obama’s non-endorsement of his candidacy.
    This is a desperation play by McAuliffe.

  2. With their minions in the school boards putting pederastic porn in the libraries while lying about sexual assaults granted access to bathrooms and locker rooms by their trans policies, the left can shut up about how much they support #MeToo forever. They are, like it or not, still best buddies with Weinstein.

  3. I just realized how nice it was to not have him in the limelight anymore.

    What a decisive gasbag.

  4. Like him or not, that asshole’s got a great shtick.

    Obama is a master of this line of argument. “Calm down, stop overreacting.” It is reassuring to moms. He gets people to question & contradict what they’ve seen with their own eyes. It really is masterful.

    This is so true. So much of the damage we see now is the fruit of Obama convincing half the country he was some benign, laid back moderate.

    Meanwhile he spent 8 years packing this government at every level with people who hate America as much as he does.

  5. I wonder if, say, someone were to get hold of that pedo-grooming text book in Loudon County and posted screen shots of text and images on Facebook, if Facebook would ban those images for violating community standards.

  6. National Review reports the consensual nature of earlier encounters, but in my mind, that re-emphasizes why we separate boys from girls in locker rooms and bathrooms. We know how we thought when we were teenagers, and how some people would act if they were given the chance. I remember that when I was around that age in the eighties, the thought of coed wrestling was introduced to myself and some friends on the wrestling team, and our immediate thoughts were about weigh-in, which at least at the time was in the nude. “Some get weighed, some….”

    And in this case, the boy in question is probably not trans or “gender fluid” at all, but rather was trying to take advantage of an opportunity he otherwise never would have had. He’s now been convicted because he apparently got quite a sense of entitlement to his actions.

  7. “Oh, and by the way, WaPo is in the process of creating a new narrative about the girl who was raped in the girl’s bathroom. She was asking for it.”

    That’s some Hari Seldon-level foresight there.

  8. Obama’s shtick has always been — “I’m uniter. It’s the 50% of Americans who vote the other way that are dividing us.”
    Democrats are dumb enough to fall for that crap.

  9. Obama was and is a popinjay.
    He owes his success to college educated white people, not black people.

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