The Drones Of August

One of my favorite rhetorical easy hits – one I use a lot, but then it’s apposite so very very often – is “I don’t believe so and so intended to (implement some current fiasco that so and so is involved with) – but if he did intended it, what would he have done differently?”

It’s snarky, but it’s appropriate so very often.

Especially this past couple of weeks.

I’m an armchair…well, not “general”. I’m an armchair corporal. But in reading a metric poo-ton of military history, a few things seem fairly elementary:

  1. Abandoning Bagram – a highly defensible base with multiple runways and enough residual capacity to support tens of thousands of troops, to say nothing of housing thousands of refugees – in preference to running a combat evacuation out of a single runway on the edge of a hostile city? It’s a little like Churchill evacuating the Royal Navy before the Army at Dunkirk. Stupid.
  2. Purging generals and admirals (starting under Obama) that were focused on fighting, and promoting the ones who were onboard with Big Left’s social agenda? Stupid.
  3. Making the withdrawal contingent on zero conditions to be obeyed by the enemy? Stupid.
  4. Taking a pass on maybe defusing the whole thing long enough to make the evacuation at least nominally orderly, to say nothing of less of a humiliation?

Wait – what?

OK, I’ll say it – if Joe Biden and/or “his” administration were trying to humiliate the United State, isolate us from our allies, make us look completely impotent and untrustworthy, what would he be doing different?

Too conspiracy-minded? Just an accident, fomented by a senile man?

had an interesting, and ultimately intensely sobering about Afghanistan with Michael Yon on Satursay. It’s the first half of this hour.

It’s his theory that it’s actual, deliberate sabotage from within the Administration.

And if you ask yourself “Even in a Democrat administration “led” by a senescent fool and a cackling lawyer-turned-petty-authoritarian, who would be this stupid, accidentally?”, and come up with no good answers, it’s worth a thought.

16 thoughts on “The Drones Of August

  1. Let me save us and the trolls some time here.

    It was Trump’s fault! Orange man bad!!! Mean tweets!! Muh InSeRRexsHuN!

  2. So you too have read “The Guns of August”?

    So many millions dead over petty royal squabbling. Just sad.

  3. Historians will call this America’s Insanity Period. Years where the greatest nation the world has ever seen was purposely led down a path of insane social upheavals, moral decay, fecklessness, and loss of it’s status as the leader of the free world.

    It’s the culmination of years of careful planning and patience, starting with the take-over of the public school system by a leftist blue-collar trade labor union. For 50 years, the NEA has been indoctrinating kids, ever more radically to the left, until today, it is sending out full blown Communists.

    The leftist trash we see actually carrying out this agenda are enemies, yes, but they are not the high value targets. Those are the money men. And for all the cliched finger wagging, no one has funded more of this chaos and destruction than George Soros, and his wretched spawn.

  4. I suppose these things are predictable given that the Democrats have a penchant for electing mentally disabled leaders.

    In my life, I have lived under a city, a state and a country, all lead by people who were a couple of donuts short of a dozen:

    Minneapolis Mayor Don Fraser: smart, wonderful guy. I knew him but a series of tragedies rendered him incapable. Rumor has it, his wife ran the show. Explains a lot.

    Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton: unbeknown to the general public, this heir to the Target and Rockefeller fortune had to be rolled around the capital on a two wheel hand cart.

    President Joe Biden: definitely a lying dog-faced pony soldier, if there ever was one……er, something like that.

    Compare and contrast:

    Minneapolis Mayor Charlie Stenvig: Okay, so the guy barked and chased cars – but hell, he caught the cars, rolled them over and ripped out the transmissions with his bare teeth. You wouldn’t want to be a criminal with Charlie running the show.

    Governor Jesse Ventura: He called the press Jackals. Now, there is an example of precise of language. The press hated him, primarily because he never owed anyone a political favor, especially them.

    President Donald Trump: The guy was his own worse enemy – but then he made an enemy of everyone else too. The perfect president for Washington D.C., a town where no one has any friends.

  5. And speaking of drones…the complete morons in command of the military have been dropping bombs on hapless goat herders, and claiming they’ve taken out ISIS operators.

    You know they’re lying, because when the make a legit hit, they always name names. It’s part of the prize and saps the morale of the enemy to know it’s leaders are being vaporized. That is not what’s happening over there right now.

  6. The AP is reporting this latest drone attack killed 10 civilians, including kids, from one family.

    Rat Biden’s commanders are “still assessing”.

  7. During today’s press convo, the pentagon’s spokesperson was asked, point blank why the drone targets are not being identified.

    It was awkward.

  8. “flailing” is when you strike out in the directions you can, with what weapons you have, with no regard to what you actually accomplish. It is easy to detect, when you are flailing, there seems to be no connection between your stated goals and the effect of the actions taken.
    Flailing in Afghanistan, flailing with covid . . .

  9. Drone strike kills family of ten, Talibuggers are hanging people from the helicopters we left, our dearest allies in great Britain are calling his fraudulency “sleepy joe”, and saying he is gaga. (are they saying they miss Trump? Didn’t he coin the phrase sleepy Joe?) Even the never Trumpers are ragging on him.

    Can I say “the wheels are coming off” without being a member of the lamestream mediots? The walls are closing in?

  10. MP:
    Yup, this started leaking out about two months ago. As I have mentioned before, the FBI, weaponized against the citizens of the U.S. by the Kenyan Klown, is being outed as being the instigators of the gathering at the capitol, the guy in the pickup with the bomb at the capitol last week, Mandalay Bay, the Antifa/BLM riots and most likely, every event since 2008.

  11. I recall the bullish days of the first NATO landings in Afghanistan, and the BBC or CNN reporter asking a Russian diplomat (veteran of Afghanistan): “But you left so much armament and stuff behind; why?:”

    The Russian had answered: “Shall we discuss this when NATO finally leaves Afghanistan?”

  12. OK, I’ll say it – if Joe Biden and/or “his” administration were trying to humiliate the United State, isolate us from our allies, make us look completely impotent and untrustworthy, what would he be doing different?

    Just a few days ago, you said::

    They Say…
    Posted on August 27, 2021 by Mitch Berg
    …to never ascribe to malice what can just as easily be chalked up to stupidity.

    and shortly after:

    Our New, New Normal
    Posted on August 27, 2021 by Mitch Berg
    They say “never chalk up to malice what can be better explained by stupidity”. But if the Biden Administration had planned from the very beginning to humiliate this nation, what would they have done differently?”

    It’s not a very wide gulf to cross between those two concepts.

    I stopped believing in that motto when Obama was re-elected. It opens up a lot of scenery, brings it into view, and makes sense of what you used to think was nonsense. You stop questioning “This can’t be happening, can it?” Yes, it is happening, and you’re witnessing it in front of your face. “How in any sense of rationality can this be happening?” Because there is nothing rational happening, where rational=not trying to destroy the country. Those who deny are in three camps: The unobservant/willfully ignorant who aren’t trying to device, the more intelligent ones who are, and those doing the bidding of the second group, whether intentionally or on purpose. Anyone who has any capacity to make any sort of public statement on behalf of the government, academia, entertainment/media, and increasingly, corporate America, is part of the latter two groups.

  13. Comment moderated because 2 links. So I’ll leave this out there for when Mitch gets to it.

    Deceive, not device. (I type device a lot at work, so it’s in muscle memory)

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