So why did Latinos vote for Trump in record numbers?

Because they’re a bunch of bitter Jesus Freaks, according to the guy who made “bigger Jebus freaks” a political class and social identity group:

.@BarackObama: “There’s a lot of evangelical Hispanics who…the fact that Trump says racist things about Mexicans, or puts detainees— undocumented workers— in cages,they think that’s less important than the fact that he supports their views on gay marriage or abortion.”

Is there a President in history who has so fully incorporated condescension into his brand as Obama?

BTW – GOP outreach to Latinos needs to lead, front-and-center, with this for the next four years.

Also with cooling it with the “Deport-em-all” talk.

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  1. Also with cooling it with the “Deport-em-all” talk.

    Maybe, maybe not.

    Could it be that “Deport-em-all” is highly popular among Latinos?

    Possible reasons:

    – We came here legally, why can’t they?
    – Our people come from X, they come from else where. We never got along with people from else where.
    – You call us Latinos, we’re Cuban.
    – Who wants gangs and drug dealers other than Biden and Pelosi?
    – Why do I have to think the way, Democrats want me to think?
    – What did you call me? Latinx? What’s a F***ing Latinx?
    – My family came from Mexico to work, now you send my job to Mexico, who wants to live there?
    – Then you sent my next job to China.

  2. Identifying as Latino is good, identifying as a Christian is bad.
    And anyway, when you see Obama interviewed by the fawning press it is worth remembering what a crappy politician he was, and of course his habitual lying.

  3. “Also with cooling it with the “Deport-em-all” talk.”

    Right. Because it’s not like neo-Cons don’t want the country flooded with low IQ Guatamexidorians sporting grade 3 educations; they do. They just want them to flood it legally.

  4. Maximum, “Latino” is racist; full stop. It’s LatinX.

    East Indians are EinX
    West Indians are WindX
    American Indians are AmerinX
    Asians are ChinX
    Africans are AfrinX
    Europeans are Pinx
    Middle Easterners are RDX

  5. The Left’s appeal along the lines of “people of color” is a big political loser because the framing is repugnant to Hispanics and most Asians. These groups strongly see themselves as mainstream Americans. Their success in economic life confirms this — every day.

    I personally am surprised the Democrats managed to hold it together this long. I can’t image they will be able to continue to hold dissonant beliefs in parallel for much longer.

  6. If I had a Hispanic surname, I would be mad as Hell at the D’s for trying to equate “Hispanic” with unskilled illegal labor.

  7. Greg is correct.

    When I lived in Texas in the 80s, I worked with several Hispanics. My Office Managef was a 55 year old woman of Mexican descent. Her family came to the U.S. in the 1930s and all became citizens. They referred to the illegal contingent from Mexico or other Hispanic countries as “wetbacks”. They despised them. I don’t think that sentiment has changed one iota.

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