DIY Part 2

When law-abiding citizens realize they can’t count on their government for justice – and they are – they’ll establish order for themselves. As we noted earlier, that isn’t always a “good” thing in any sense a modern American would understand.

But for the first time since the thirties – the seventies, in some quarters – people are thinking about it:

NSSF president and CEO Joe Bartozzi spoke at the 2020 Gun Rights Policy Conference over the weekend where he delivered the news on the surge in ammunition sales. He also noted that gun sales were 95 percent higher in the first six months of 2020 than they were during the same time period in 2019.

Bartozzi noted there were nearly five million first-time gun buyers in the first part of the year. He explained that “of all firearms sold to first-time gun buyers, 40 percent were sold to women and personal protection was by far the main purchase driver.”

He suggested there are a few driving factors behind the current surge in gun and ammo sales — one of the key ones being the anti-gun rhetoric of Joe Biden. He suggested Biden looks at gun makers as “the enemy” and recounted Biden’s vow “to bring them down.” He observed that the talk of “mandatory buybacks” of certain firearms is a driving force as well.

We noted some time ago that in most of the country – geographically, at least – gun rights have long since gone viral, and stand to win the parts of the culture war that’s taking place there.

Has the last six months moved the needle in Blue America? We’ll see.

8 thoughts on “DIY Part 2

  1. Possible threadjack. Apologies, if so. Delete as warranted.

    he delivered the news on the surge in ammunition sales

    This is a very interesting development because there’s no ammo to be had. Where is it going? Is it really millions of onesie-twosie boxes of 50 at Cabelas or Sportsman’s Warehouse? Or is the supply being redirected? Because I’ve heard (read, I think, right here) that there’s a “shortage” of ammo metals and gun powder.

  2. The surge in gun and ammo purchases doesn’t have to be all from those suddenly concerned about self-defense. I’m wondering how many guns, and how much ammo, has been purchased in – say – the Portland area, and by whom? Certainly someone with a lot of cash and connections could gather quite a collection of munitions for distribution.

    Kind of makes you wonder about where that CHOP warlord got the AR-15s he was handing out of the trunk of his Tesla a couple months ago.

  3. JDM – there’s not much on the shelves for reloading supplies, but I’ve not heard of at the manufacturer level.

    From conversation with a few guys that work at Federal, they run batches of each caliber – what should work out to be enough for the next months, until they do that caliber again. I can see this year throwing those estimates right out the window. Now, how that explains all manufacturers out of everything would be a great story if reporters still had any curiosity.

    Plus, law enforcement at all levels may be stocking up. They likely have priority over retail.

  4. I’m signing on to Night’s theory.

    I agree that some private entities are purchasing ammo fro street thugs. The FBI is supposedly tracking a money trail to the AntiFa and BLM rioters. Rumors have been circulating for a couple of weeks that the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, funding them.

    The CC instructors at the range, are considering reducing the number of rounds that they require their students to fire from 15 to 10.

  5. Skippy, my evil twin, bought his first gun a few weeks ago. The store sold him ammo only because of the purchase. Otherwise not available.

  6. This should put a certain troll’s mind at ease. He’s always yammering about how right-wing kooks want to shoot him. Can’t shoot him without ammo.

    Well, I say ‘mind’ . . . .

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  8. I don’t have a problem buying ammunition (.22LR & .45ACP). I get it at a little shop in Wisconsin, off highway 8. I go through about a hundred rounds of each in a month.
    The gun guy at Gander Mountain sez they stopped putting 9mm on the shelves because bulk buyers would grab them all as soon as they were displayed. So there was no 9mm on the shelf, you had to ask the counter guy for it.

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