When people can’t trust “the system” to keep them safe, they take matters into their own hands.

Italian immigrants – with social, religious, linguistic and cultural impediments to assimilation, cutting both ways – brought their underworld organizations from the old country to get some order (at a price) in their lives.

Ditto the Irish in New York and Chicago, and Jews all over the place.

Blacks? Remember Malcolm X and the Black Panthers?

And now? Middle class Minnesotans of all races, creeds and backgrounds. are strapping up. Gun purchase background checks (which, remember, only apply to handguns and “assault weapons”; shotguns, varmint rifles and plinkers require no contact with the government) are up well over 50% between August 2019 and last month.

And – as we’ve observed elsewere – the new buyer is a lot less likely to fit the stereotype Big Left puts out:

Dave Amon, an agent at Gunstop of Minnetonka, said the demand shows no signs of slowing especially as the changing role of law enforcement is in the spotlight, the Star Tribune reported.

“I’ve seen a lot more single moms that are scared and need something to protect them,” he said. “They’re scared when people talk about defunding the police.”

Given how long the DFL has bet on gun confiscation in the past year – clearly drooling over taking control of the Senate – I wonder if this is going to slow down the rush to grab, or accelerate it to try to get ahead of broad social acceptance?

Being a pessimist, I choose “B”.

Via Gary Gross.

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  1. Moonbat troll squeaks: “Black Lives Matter” is in no way racially/ethnically motivated!

    [girls laughing.jpg]

  2. Story linked to:

    George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police in May and the protests and violence that followed only accelerated gun and ammunition purchases.”

    I thought the coroner said dude had a lethal dose of dope in him.

    Copyright 2020 The Associated Press.

    Oh, right.

  3. What do you suppose the new gun buyer demographic data would show?

    Lots of single women, scared about talk of defunding the police . . . do we expect these are mostly Black women living in North Minneapolis who are afraid of the White Supremacists that Emery keeps flogging?

    Or do we expect these are mostly White women living in first ring suburbs who are taking seriously BLM’s threat to come into their neighborhoods?

    Just curious which is perceived as the bigger threat by female voters?

  4. Good points, JD.

    I have been to the range several times over the past two months. Each time I am there, I see at least ten women (one Saturday, it was 21) taking the live fire portions of their CC permits. Most of them are white, but there are other races there, too. Last time there were a couple of Somali women on the line. I spoke to one woman in her mid 50s that said that she “never thought that she would have to use, let alone buy a gun”, but she is worried about an abusive ex that frequently stalks and harasses her, despite an order of protection. She is worried that with less cops, response time will increase and she could be dead before they get there. And the kicker? She lives in Linden Hills.

  5. Interesting, boss. During your conversation did you get the impression that the woman is starting to wonder, if not question, the other prog blocks in her jenga tower?

  6. jdm,

    Actually, yes. She was obviously uncomfortable, even being there, but maybe she was triggered by the five or six women wearing their red Keep America Great hats?

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