Reagan Spoke Too Soon

What’s the most dangerous phrase in the world?

1980: “I’m from the governent and I”m here to help”

2020: “I’m an ‘ally’ and I’m here to help. “

A friend of the blog emails:

Privileged Liberal White People: we’re going to help those poor communities of black people. We’ll build a train so they can get around with a car!

Black people: But, we’d like to get around by car just like you.

PLWP: We’re going to help those poor black people by raising the minimum wage!

BP: But we’d like to have a job to support our families. This will just get rid of our jobs.

PLWP: We’re going to help those poor black people by building high density housing in their neighborhood. Let’s tear down the affordable single family housing stock to help them!

BP: But we’d like to own a house, just like you.

PLWP: We’re going to help those poor black people by taking away on street parking around their apartment buildings to build bike lanes!

BP: But we’d like to park by where we live just like you, especially in the winter. We aren’t biking.

PLWP: We want to help black people by not calling the cops when thugs take over their neighborhood. And we’ll tell the whole world!

BP: Seriously, stop helping us.
Biggest problem in my neighborhood, other than the issues above, most of my neighbors don’t bother voting in local elections.

Semi-related: It’s interesting, to me, to note that John Lesch’s district has the lowest voter turnout numbers in the state.

To the original point: Urban Progessive Privilege means never having had to confront the notion that your ideals are only “ideal” for people in your own class.

34 thoughts on “Reagan Spoke Too Soon

  1. I see SiTD received the memo from campaign headquarters. ‘A Culture War is our only hope now that fearless leader has botched the COVID response’….

  2. “…memo…”

    It was always a culture war – between people who can think critically, and progressives.

  3. Well, Emery, since you feel that way, why don’t you acknowledge your white privilege and the oppression that you and your ancestors have caused and donate your house to one of those under privileged minorities? You have also mentioned that you have rental properties. I’ll bet that you don’t have one minority tenant. You should also donate those properties to some of those poor people that you oppressed for so long. You libidiots are great at throwing out memes, but you never walk the walk. It’s easier to be the covert racists that 98% of you are, then virtue signal when your faux white guilt requires you to. So, c’mon, Em. Put your money where your fat fingers are.

  4. The pictures of the residents look like they came right out of PWLP Central Casting.

  5. I don’t think that it is possible for “a white person” to know what is good or bad for “a black person.” One human being to another, yes, but not if we insist that a person’s most important feature is their racial identity.
    That is why racism is a recipe for war. If I, as a white person, have goals and desires that conflict with those of a black person, the only way to settle it is by force. There is no mediation possible, because there is no mutuallu accepted authority to resolve the issue.
    This is the poison of “identity politics.”
    The current racial hysteria is an inter-Leftist thing. The reason the media is making it seem universal is because the media is made up of Leftists.

  6. I don’t know what “parler” is, but Emery just described Twitter.
    After all, doesn’t Twitter tell us that it is fighting a constant battle with white supremacists?

  7. The only thing Liberals ask in return for “helping” is money, political power and the giddy feeling one gets for being at the very center of all things noble.

    Is that too much to ask?

  8. I’m personally just incredulous at a lot of what the far left is advocating. Even if we assumed that every one of the ~1000 officer involved fatalities was murder 1 on the part of the officer, the overall murder rate has about halved since we started to put criminals in jail for a long time–the drop in murders in New York City alone is twice as big as the overall officer involved killings number.

    Can we improve things, reduce police brutality, and improve the optics of apprehensions? You bet! But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Or, as others are saying, “Antifa and others, if you are on ‘my side’, please get off. You’re not helping.”

  9. There is a market-based solution to this.
    The reason why police are allowed to use things like choke holds, handcuffs, and tasers is to protect the police, not the citizens.
    Stop allowing the cops to use coercion and see how many people want to be cops & what you have to pay them.

  10. Do you believe or disbelieve this story?
    The answer is that there is not enough evidence, yet, to do either.
    There are some curiosities to the story.
    Were these four white men hanging around a stoplight, with lighter fluid & a burning lighter, in the hopes that a black person would stop at the light with his or her window down? At one in the morning?
    Where is the “burning lighter” that was thrown at her?
    When she found herself on fire, did she drive away or continue to stop?
    While she “patted out the flames,” what were these four white men doing?
    Did she have a cell phone? If so, why didn’t she call for help immediately?
    Yet the Madison police have already labeled it a hate crime, increasing the race-based hysteria in their city.

  11. Parler is Twitr for people that love the 1st Amendment. Leftist assnozzles cannot hope for help from daddy, and therefore won’t ever be much of a presence although they are free to try their paw.

    I just recieved notice that Ted Cruz has made the jump and signed up. Found Scott Adams, Dana Loesch, Michelle Malkin, Drumpf Jr., Michael Flynn Jr., Dinesh D’Souza, Kurt Schlichter, Adam Baldwin, Rand Paul, Mark Levin, Mike Huckabee, Gregg Gutfeld, Candace Owens and many more have jumped in the past couple days.

    Low IQ leftists, capably represented by the likes of E. Dimwit Esq., are freaking out. If Drumpf makes the jump as he has threatened, it’s a whole new interweb.

    I signed up today under a pseudonym. See if you can find me; there are clues.

  12. Fellow cartoonist Scott Adams (Dilbert) has 482.5 follwers on Twitr since 2014. He has gained 29K followers on Parler in the last 13 hours.

    Scott Adams@ScottAdamsSays·21 hours ago·
    53k (reads)
    Well, Twitter crossed the line hard. Anyone here?

  13. Emery, the covert racist, has apparently not noticed that a lot of black people are calling out BLM for their idiotic message. One female activist is also calling them out for misappropriating their donations, asking where the money is going. She points out that BLM has no physical address, no infrastructure, no lobbyists or lawyahs and hasn’t done anything at the legislative level, since they were formed and that the donate button on their web page, takes a donor to ActBlue, a known money laundering site for radical left Democrats. When another black activist calls you out and tells people not to donate to your alleged black rights cause, you’ve lost. But, I’m sure that Emery will just call them Uncle Toms.

  14. I avoid twitter, and any wannabe twitters, like the plague. Twitter is like a big, blank wall where people can write whatever short phrase they like.
    Advertisers and media people like it because it can give them numbers that can be used as a metric.
    But these numbers are bad. They do not reflect reality. It seems that every month or two, twitter purges its user list of robots, duplicate accounts, fake accounts, etc.
    What possible use is it?

  15. She points out that BLM has no physical address

    Well, the Ford Foundation and the Open Society Foundation (Soros) sent $100 mill somewhere to them in 2016. Look it up.

  16. MP. Parler is not Twitr. It’s the nascent platform for us; chock full of WrongThink(c). It doesn’t have a lot of the most interesting people signed up yet, but they’re coming.

    If Drumpf follows through with his threat to dump Twitr for Parler, it will become a major player overnight. Hope springs eternal.

  17. I think I have a pretty good idea which one you might be there, Swiftee. Welcome aboard.

  18. MP: The Madison story is absolutely a hoax. No question. Tawana Brawley was more believable. The girl burned herself and made up a BS story. It’s like the black girl being held down and her hair was cut. Fabricated.

  19. I doubt that the Madison story is true, Golfdoc.
    There must, at least, be more to it. Madison is one of the most liberal cities in the country.
    It is difficult to believe that groups of white men hang around stoplights at one in the morning, just hoping that some non-white person will have to stop, and happen to have their window down, so they squirt them with lighter fluid & throw some kind of burning torch on them.
    Why lighter fluid? Gasoline burns much worse & easier to get hold of.
    Usually the way these things break, the complainant is questions and his or her story falls apart on details or contradictions. The story is bizarre on the surface, like Smollet’s gang of white attackers, hanging out in the wee hours of the morning in a black part of town wearing MAGA hats & throwing bleach on black people. Good Lord, the world is insane.

  20. MBerg commented: “It was always a culture war – between people who can think critically, and progressives.”

    I’m old enough to have watched William Buckley and Gore Vidal debate each other on ABC. buckley-gore-vidal-debates-1968-121009

    Whoever was right, the evidence that liberalism won continues to accumulate.
    Last week, the Supreme Court ruled to extend LBGT rights. It also countered Trump over the treatment of young undocumented immigrants (DACA).

    The status of gay people. Public opinion has flipped from one to one against to two to one in favor. Immigration would be another example. in the mid-20th century, 5% of the US population was foreign-born. Now the level is near an all-time high at14%

    If it was that liberalism had won I would be very happy. The problem is the woke movement that seems to have become enormously powerful is anything but liberal.

    Authoritarian, anti-individual, bordering on racist and anti womens rights. Very very odd movement, will be interesting for people in a hundred years to study it.

  21. I’ll tel you, if it were Republicans supporting abortion law and Klan Parenthood that was aborting 50% of all the African American babies, you’d hear about it, hell, Planned Parenthoods hands out the Sanger Award, it never occurred to me, her speeches and all of her philosophy are indeed, white supremacy, other groups are “weeds”.

    Look as Emily playing Identity Politics since all the Duimbocrat strongholds are disasters, Bal-Tee-More and so on.

    I was on another blog, they had a liberal come on…for balance.

    Emily can be happy that half of all the African American babies are aborted, you own it. Ought to be called murderers, yeah, all these white women protest for choice and the women who go under the knife are teen age African American girls. You are an absolute ghoul.

  22. There will never be peace in the African American community without fathers in the home and without life being treated as disposable, count it, Democrats have run Chicago, NYC, MPLS, Detroit, LA and they get worse and worse. So, if you want to see this same scenario, 40 years from now, be like Emily.

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  24. Cue up some Neil Young bumper music, “Southern man better keep your head, don’t forget what your good book said, Southern change gonna come at last, now your crosses are burning fast”… <— Democrats, same party of the Klan.

    Oh, and Totalitarianism, just slander, Dems have a lot of blood on their hands from these riots, people dying, Italia Kelly in Iowa… at least, it looks that way.. they don't care, they don't do anything, don't accomplish nothing.

  25. Whoever was right, the evidence that liberalism won continues to accumulate.
    Last week, the Supreme Court ruled to extend LBGT rights.

    Liberalism, yes – where “liberalism” = equal rights before God and the Law.

    Not to be confused with “progressivism”, signs of whose depravity and collapse have dominated the headlines for the past 100 years.

    (Which, to be fair, you do go on to observe)

  26. The abortion rate is at it lowest since it became legal

    Thanks, ultrasound!

  27. There will never be peace in the African American community…

    If you mean American Negro community, you’re right. There is a sizeable minority (I’m guessing 40%) that have taken the Democrat poverty pimps at their word, treat America as their oyster and leave a trail of kids in their wake.

    The African American community as represented by the Somali slags that have infested Minnesota do use the welfare they get to feed their kids and keep them healthy until they’re old enough to join the Jihad or infiltrate our elected offices.

    Elon Musk is an African American as well, and it’s a good bet he’ll take good care of his kids when he gets around to having some.

  28. Ten years from now, Council member Steve Fletcher predicted, everybody will be looking to emulate the Minneapolis model.
    “The path that we’re going to chart will steal the best ideas from everywhere and combine them in away that is uniquely appropriate to our city,” he said.
    Yep. The solution to inner city violence has never been stated with greater clarity. Just be willing to steal the best ideas and combine them appropriately.
    Unlike Steve Fletcher, I predict disaster: White flight, capital flight, more crime, and crashing city receipts.

  29. We’ve been here before .

    Widespread, indiscriminate, vilification of the police arising from incidents of police brutality or racism in the late 1960s and early 1970s led to …

    … demoralized police departments and a many-fold increase in urban crime rates by the late 1970s. It took nearly two decades for urban crime rates in America to be brought down again.

    Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

  30. The solution to the racial unrest & violence in two words: “midnight basketball.”

  31. It is not easy to be happy, to appreciate the good things in your life, ignore the bad, and look forward only to the good things that are to come. The normal human experience is to be miserable, but bear up, either in the faint hope of paradise beyond the end of life, or pride in your own ability to bear up under the loss, heartache, and want that is the normal human condition.
    Now imagine you could place all of the blame for the loss, heartache, and want that you feel on another person or group of people.
    I see it in Hawaii. “I was born to be a happy Hawaiian, secure in my place among my people, who are the people of these islands. But because of the colonizers, I cannot be a happy Hawaiian. All that I suffer, from my poverty to my poor health, to working a shitty job instead of providing for my family with spear and fish hook, is the fault of the colonizers. They are my unhappiness personified, and I can only obtain the happiness I deserve if we Hawaiians drive them from this island chain, and my people take back from the colonizers that which they took from us.”
    It’s a bottomless well. The hole in their psyches can never be filled. There is literally nothing you can do that fill that hole. You cannot give the mob what they say they want from you and expect them to be satisfied, because they have made a mistake — they believe that their unhappiness is something that you can satisfy and make disappear, voluntarily or involuntarily.
    In the case of the #BLM riots, it has a vanity angle. The white liberals believe that is within their power to satisfy the insatiable hunger of the mob. The #BLM crowd is treating them like the slave master: “You have oppressed me, and only you can make me whole again.”

  32. There’s definitely a lot more anxiety and nervousness around now than there used to be. But that only applies to people of a certain age like me and you. We have a tendency to live in the past, but that’s only us. Youngsters don’t have that tendency. They have no past, so all they know is what they see and hear, and they’ll believe anything. In 20 or 30 years from now, they’ll be at the forefront. When you see somebody that is 10 years old, he’s going to be in control in 20 or 30 years, and he won’t have a clue about the world we knew. Young people who are in their teens now have no memory lane to remember. So it’s probably best to get into that mind-set as soon as we can, because that’s going to be the reality.
    As far as technology goes, it makes everybody vulnerable. But young people don’t think like that. They could care less. Telecommunications and advanced technology is the world they were born into. Our world is already obsolete.

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