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Ilhan Omar’s soon to be ex husband’s days of being part of the lifetime sinecure the DFL gives its “elite” are apparently at an end. His job as a bag man…er, community liaison for Alondra Cano apparently got terminated over the summer.

David Steinberg – who hasn’t quite shamed the Strib or MPR to cover the story yet – writes:

My sources stated that Ahmed Hirsi was terminated following a request by Rep. Omar. They added that Omar’s motivation for the request was to force Hirsi to become reliant upon her assets and income.
For the majority of 2019, Ahmed Hirsi has reportedly borne the responsibility of raising the three children he has with Omar. (One source used the term “abandoned” to describe Ilhan’s recent share of the parenting.) Since June 14, Hirsi does not appear to have a reliable source of income.
Meanwhile, Rep. Omar currently draws a $174,000 Congressional salary, and reportedly received a $250,000 book advance in January.

Read the whole thing. Pass it along.

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  1. He could blow the lid off this thing. He better watch his back, a really bad “accident” could happen to him soon.

  2. ^ Their divorce is inevitable… she’s not going to be able to maintain captivity of this man and their kids.  And at that time his attorney will not hold back, and what Steinberg has reported will be understood everywhere, even at the Strib, as the truth.

    Their won’t be ‘accidents’.

  3. I’m entirely ignorant of the mechanics of faith tradition divorces. In Minnesota family court, the custodial parent is entitled to child support from the non-custodial parent. If she’s not paying, shouldn’t we label her a “Deadbeat Mom?” Even if she is paying, is she paying enough? We need to see her tax returns to determine how much she owes.

  4. I will assume that the Somali “community” is as fractious as any other. Possibly more so, though I don’t have a reliable metric. Steinberg’s sources are quite possibly other Somalis who don’t like Omar much. Doesn’t mean that the information isn’t true. I just assume filters within agendas, within more filters. Still, I’m glad I have my subscription to the Popcorn of the Month Club!

  5. It strikes me that if he had good reviews in his position, he can easily make the case that some form of skullduggery was involved in his firing.

    Or, if he had none of the qualifications to be hired, he can easily make the case that some form of skullduggery was involved in his hiring. So whether he’s competent or not, I think he’s got a reasonable case.

  6. ^ Well, sure… if he wants to make a case for wrongful termination, there are avenues for that.  He’s going to have to go public though, at least partially, and he is obviously currently dissuaded from doing that because of family dynamics. That won’t hold, this marriage ends in divorce in the not too distant future.

    Guy really needs a non-political attack dog divorce attorney who will champion his best interests.  And not one within the Somali enclave such that they might have divorce attorneys therein.

    He only worked there say 8 weeks … there is a totally legit story angle there for the newspaper.

  7. Ilham likes to complain about “threats”.

    Y’all think Hirsi has been threatened too? I mean, maybe not by the same anonymous sources…but threatened none the less.

  8. Greg,

    I bet he’s been told if he doesnt want harm to come to him or his kids he will keep Omars crimes on the DL.

  9. And do remember, Elmi/Omar’s parents were both employed as propagandist in the Siad Barre dictatorship.
    In this case, the crossover between govt office holding & organized crime tactics is probably constant & deep.

  10. Greg, you do know by modern standards you are a racist to even suggest anything is suspicious about that.

  11. I sincerely apologize if I offended any Italians.

    That comment was the result of irrational youthful exuberance, I have turned my life around and promise to do better in the future.

  12. Somalia confuses me. I remember reading about Somali pirates, and learning that they were buying whiskey and hookers with the money they earned. Um, they’re Muslims, really? Of course, a lot of the poems of Persian poet Omar Khayyam say a lot of the same thing, as do some of the stories of Arabian Nights.

  13. Is it also against their religion to use soap, breathmints, and not be retarded? Asking for a friend…

  14. If she’s not paying, shouldn’t we label her a “Deadbeat Mom?”

    I’m not under the impression there’s been a family court decree yet.

  15. Somalia confuses me. I remember reading about Somali pirates, and learning that they were buying whiskey and hookers with the money they earned. Um, they’re Muslims, really?

    You’ve made the radical discovery (to some in the Republican Dumbass coalition) that people aren’t robots acting according to the texts of their ostensible faith.

  16. No doubt, Mitch. It strikes me that if indeed the Omars have at least a guest key to the power corridors there, that reality means something vis-a-vis her personal behavior. We might temper our expectations of the Somali community in terms of their support for her (or rejection) accordingly.

  17. The thing that sticks out about this to me is an elected federal representative placed pressure, and received the desired results from that pressure, upon a city council member.

    I thought this was Minneapolis, not Chicago.

  18. I think Ilhan Omar is toast. Any potential primary challenger can raise these topics and force media coverage of them. She may not even run again. Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin.

  19. Nah, I want ’em to have two terms, the Illinois way. One in office, one in jail. Omar and Tide Pod Barbie are already making a strong case for this, I think. (TPB with her taxes and such)

  20. Before he was fired, those two refugees from 3rd world shitholes were hauling in >$200,000 per year from government jobs, with a combined IQ of just over 120.

    We need to replace that plaque on the Statue of Liberty to reflect the realities of 21st century America.

    Hold my beer….

    “Denounce the racist giant of Western civilization,
    With pale huwhite limbs astride from land to land;
    Here at our failing, welfare state shall stand
    A mighty gender queer womyn with a penis! whose foul raving
    Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
    Egg donor of Antifa!

    From her tattoed hand
    Glows the free stuff welcome; her glassy eyes command
    The befouled harbor that progressive cities frame.

    Keep, ancient lands, your intelligence, your resilience, your inventiveness!” cries she
    With silent lips. “Give me your inbred, your ignorant,
    Your violent Muslims and ignorant mud hut dwellers yearning for free stuff,
    The wretched refuse to over-populate our teeming shore.
    Send these, the primitive minds, unassimilated to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden gibs!”

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