The Nice Thing About Being A Democrat…

…is that you can be a corrosive, giggly bigot, and nobody will ever, ever call you on it.

I add the emphasis:

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle implied without evidence Tuesday that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) has something to hide and the president is blackmailing him over it.
Graham has become one of the President Donald Trump’s staunchest allies in the Senate, although he has criticized him for some key decisions, such as the military pullout from Syria. Ruhle seemed to imply there’s more to their relationship than politics, however, during a discussion about Graham with former Rep. David Jolly and professor Eddie Glaude.
“Before Don got elected, Lindsey Graham called Donald Trump a racist, xenophobic bigot. Those are Lindsey Graham’s words,” Jolly said. “I doubt Lindsey Graham could tell you Donald Trump has had a change of heart in the last 24 months, I bet the change of heart has been with Lindsey Graham, not the president.”
“Or it could be that Donald Trump or somebody knows something pretty extreme about Lindsey Graham,” Ruhle replied. “We’re gonna have to leave it there.”
The smirk Ruhle produced when she spoke suggests she was referring to rumors about Graham’s sexuality, which some Democrats have been trumpeting anew recently. Jon Cooper, chairman of the Democratic Coalition super PAC, explicitly accused Graham on Saturday of letting himself be blackmailed for “some pretty serious kink.”

Did I say “Nice thing?”

I meant “horrible, Orwellian, evil” thing.

9 thoughts on “The Nice Thing About Being A Democrat…

  1. Interesting parallel event yesterday with the Areva Martin-David Webb kerfuffle (black woman tries to win a discussion by using the “white privilege” gambit only to find that her opponent is, in fact, black too).

    That said, leftists are rarely stymied by embarrassing race facts if they are proven true believers (see Shaun King, the #BlackLivesMatter” activist who’s white).

  2. Don’t forget, Democrats get to marry their brothers and beat their girlfriends – it is the ultimate expression of power and privilege.

  3. jdm,

    Listening to that exchange between Webb and the racie baiter, was pretty funny. Then she had the audacity to blame her staff for giving her bad information. Clearly that was her lack of professionalism and laziness, but I’m sure that her staff was verbally abused for at least 20 minutes.

  4. bosshoss429, agreed… it is interesting that knowing the race of your interviewer would be considered an important aspect of the staff’s prep. I thought we were supposed to be beyond that or working towards that. Except with regards to attacking white people, of course.

  5. Are they trying to imply that Lindsey Graham is gay? And that there is something wrong about that? How bigoted and unaccepting of them.

  6. If Lindsay is a homo, he keeps it to himself. That’s my kind of homo.

    He should start a campaign to read stories about people who keep their sexual activities private to children at public libraries.

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