Can’t Make This Bulb Much Dimmer

I’m gonna take a wild guess that if you asked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez how precisely it was that the US defeated Naziism, “turbocharging the industrial base and floating the whole thing on a sea of oil and a mountain of coal, to back up a complete national militarization” isn’t what she’s thinking.

I think she’s thinking it was all about Rosie the Riveter.

5 thoughts on “Can’t Make This Bulb Much Dimmer

  1. yes the Occasional-Cortex is amusing to listen to, but keep in mind she dreams of one day filling Nancy Pelosi’s shoes, so don’t cut her too much slack. She is that most dangerous combination; Ambitious, Amoral, and Indescribably Ignorant!

  2. Mitch, I think your comment moderation algorithm has developed a distinctly political bias. Tell me what was the magical offending word in the above comment.

  3. I really am starting to think that she is a secret Republican plant. I mean no one can be this dense and stupid, right?

  4. It’s worth noting that she is really “special” in ignoring the fact that the nation has confronted, and largely defeated (if only temporarily), an existential threat since WWII; it’s called “Communism.” Gosh, why doesn’t she mention that one?

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