October – But No Surprise

From his initial eledtion in the Democrat wave of 2006, until the 2016 election was all over but the shouting, Tim Walz got, and earned, an “A” rating from the NRA, and good marks from state 2nd Amendment human rights groups as well.

You could see the change, though, as the 2016 campaign wound down; he started cuddling up to the gun grabbers.

Tim Walz, cuddling up to the Dreamsicles and Moms Want action in 2016.
Pass this photo around.

It made no sense – until you remember he was starting his gubernatorial run.

And for any DFLer, the road to the governor’s mansion starts with convincing the bat-splittle crazy Metro DFL that you hate guns worse than rape.

He tried to play both sides, of course; while he spooned with the gun grabbers, even picking lifetime F-rated Peg Flanagan – one of the most “progressive” reps in the House – for a running mate, he also claimed to the press that he, given his shooter bona fides, could serve to “bring both sides together”.

Which did not amuse the Real American movement.   I think we’d rather negotiate with Erin Maye Quade; she’s at least honest about wanting to destroy our ultimate guarantee of liberty.  Also she’s out of office.

But that’s not going to prevent the Media/DFL Complex from trying to flog the charade for the uninformed (aka “Most Democrat Voters”).

The PiPress got smokescreen duty, apparently, this week, and ran this puff piece about Walz:

Tim Walz, the Democrat with the “F” grade from the NRA, wants to ban bump stocks, expand background checks and give courts the authority to temporarily take away someone’s guns if the person is deemed a threat, as well as ban “military-style assault rifles” in Minnesota.

Jeff Johnson, the Republican with the NRA’s “A” grade and endorsement, wants none of that. He opposes any tightening of gun laws.

Election 2018Guess which of the two candidates for Minnesota governor owns more guns.

Walz. He owns three today. The Nebraska native and former Mankato High School teacher grew up with guns and was given his first at age 11.

Unmentioned:  in addition to “expanded background checks” (in reality, a gun registry) and taking guns with no due process on accusation and after ex parte hearings, he also supports an “Assault Weapons” ban.

The article is part of Walz’ effort to appeal to what Real Americans refer to as “Fudds” – people who are dovish on gun control, since nobody is talking about taking their hunting rifles or duck guns or whatever their hobby is.


Walz is yet another “camel’s nose under the tent” DFLer – only worse, since he still tries to parlay his revoked NRA cred to appear “moderate”.

He’s the worst form of traitor.


21 thoughts on “October – But No Surprise

  1. That bit of campaign prop says Walz owns an M1Garand. So happens I own an M1Garand.

    M1Garand is the most awesome, lethal battle rifle ever made. It shoots .30 cal projectiles at 2800fps with >2800 ft. Lbs. of energy. After moving 1000 yds., the projectile is still moving >1200fps and packing >500 ft. Lbs.

    At 100yds., a copper jacketed bullet will pass through 2 unarmored car doors like butter.

    Walz and I own an awesome piece of firepower. Tested in battle the world over; killed a hell of a lot more people than an AR. Walz is aware of this, but he is playing the odds that you don’t. He is speaking to ignorant 1/4 wits that have swallowed the fake news. He thinks they, along with leftist gun grabbers are the majority of voters in MN.

    That would have been a bad bet 30 years ago. Today, I think he’s right.

    I think Walz is going to win. And I think he is going to enact every gun law California has dreamed up.

  2. BTW.

    The M1Garand comes equipped with the *finest* iron sight ever made. Out of the crate, after sighting it at 100 yds., it is very accurate, and suitable for targets to 300 yds. (3 football fields) or more, assuming the shooter is skilled.

    It is fed by a true clip, which after feeding 8 rounds, will eject automatically, allowing the shooter to quickly insert another. The system is known to be jam-proof.

  3. As a male Democrat, Walz is not a man bunned pansy barista…. He’s a Nebraskan, outstate Minnesotan, and Guardsman. I know he’s pandering to the left but there’s reason to have a sense the real Walz is the one who was NRA A rated. Which is kind of a best case scenario for a Dem governor candidate.

    I think he’s going to win and avoid provoking the hunter / shooter bloc with endorsement of stupid legislation. My guess is he’ll give lip service to expanded background checks, but never endorse any tailored hardware bans on magazines or semi-autos. The bump stock thing is a throw away, a cheap gesture… which is why he endorses that.

  4. Walz going modestly left on gun control was done to meet his party’s progressive criteria for a governor candidate. The people he’s trying to fool are in his own party, not swing voters who shoot and hunt.

    This is a very solid centrist Democrat governor candidate, something of a heavyweight, and superior and smarter than anyone they’ve run since Perpich. He’ll probably win, and when he does its not going to be in his political interests to puff up the gc fantasies of the DFL kook brigade.

  5. John, banning sporting semi-autos is not a minor deal. There are millions of such guns out there, and the newest Supreme Court justice has authored opinions noting that under the Heller precedent, they’re a weapon in common use entitled to protection. Expansion of background checks is also a big deal, since it’s worth noting that most of those prevented from buying under the Brady law were actually not disallowed, and of those who were, few were prosecuted.

    Sorry, but Walz has gotten Potomac fever, badly, and wants to fit in among the “in” crowd.

  6. Walz is not going to sign onto a state proposal that bans semi-autos of any kind. It will never happen.

  7. John, he’s on record as having said precisely that. It’s on his campaign website.


    Now if you are arguing that Walz is a lying skunk and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the corridors of power, and is as well a power prostitute who will say and do anything to get elected, I heartily agree, but let’s not misrepresent what he’s said. And gun owners have learned through hard experience that when liberals say they want to infringe on gun rights, gun owners do well to take them seriously.

  8. I do stand corrected, but still think his move leftward on GC is entirely a charade to make him palatable to the very prog wing of the party.

    I doubt he ever expects to have to govern on an AWB ban, and he’s not going to be seeking one himself.

    Its a pander.

  9. This is ripe debate material for Johnson to devour, anyone know if they have any head to head debates scheduled. If he wasnt so pro 2nd amendment he never could have got or kept that seat. I believe MN-1 is rated by Cook as R+4-8.

  10. Oh, wow, here’s my chance to use a Latin phrase that Emery taught me last week: “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.”

    John, you’re telling me that when Tim Walz’s campaign materials say he supports a semi-auto ban, he’s lying, he doesn’t really support it. I know from the Kavanaugh hearings that if a man is lying about one thing, he’s lying about everything. So that means I can’t trust a single thing Tim Walz says about guns.

    I’m not voting for a person I can’t trust about guns.

  11. John, here’s how it works. He gets elected on that promise, Democrats throw a hissy fit until he relents, we get the ban and he keeps folding on every other point where he played the “moderate.” So we get Mark Dayton, but with the cover that he’d portrayed himself as a moderate.

    My apologies for disparaging whores by comparing them with Walz. Whores keep their promises to their clients, but not so much Mr. Walz.

  12. BB is correct, a whore says “write what you want me to say on a $50 bill and I’ll try to say it like I mean it” – you get nowhere near that quality of service from a Democrat.

  13. I’d grant… IF at some point there’s a mass shooting that creates huge political intensity, and the progs outnumber the GOP and outstate DFL gun coalition in both legislative houses…. which will never be the case….. its not certain Walz can be counted on to veto say an AWB bill. That’s the practical implication of him being ‘open to an AWB ban’.

    Which is to say his position is a merely a gesture of affinity to some prog groups he needs to be enthusiastic within the Dem coalition. Walz is not an actual advocate of ‘gun control’ in contemporary terms and there’s never going to be a reality where Walz has to step up and be an actual advocate of gun control.

    He is trying to have something both ways here, and there’s some pandering. There’s no great signal he’s ‘lying’.

  14. John, you’re being too clever by half. When you believe one thing and say another, that is a lie. Period. Full Stop, let’s quit trying to argue around it as if some lies for political advantage are acceptable. Peoples’ rights and safety are at stake here, and what Tim Walz is doing is trying to pass off transparent BS as if it were statesmanship.

  15. We’ll have an opportunity to find out how much Walz pursuits gun control. He’s going to win. Johnson isn’t appealing enough to beat him. This in an environment where Housley and Wardlow also win.

  16. John, let’s look at what Tim Walz says about guns, in his own words. https://walzflanagan.org/our-agenda/gun-violence-prevention/

    He took money from the NRA under false pretenses (letting them think he was on their side) but didn’t give it back, he gave the money to someone else so the NRA couldn’t use it to support a true gun rights candidate. That’s not bravely standing up for what he believes, it’s weaseling out when caught.

    He supports No Fly, No Buy. That’s a secret list of people that the government will not allow to fly on airlines. Nobody knows how you get on the list. Nobody knows how to get off. There’s no procedure, no appeal, no due process. The government gets away with it because airline travel is a “privilege” but gun ownership is not a privilege, it’s a fundamental right. If Walz were truly a gun guy, he’d be against government taking away fundamental rights without due process.

    Supports universal background checks, which have repeatedly been shown to be a useless exercise in virtue signaling and an unjustified added expense on honest citizens.

    He’s seen enough: “We need a ban on military style assault rifles in Minnesota.” Sounds pretty straight-forward to me.

    Stand Your Ground laws are a non-starter in his administration. You are not allowed to defend yourself, you are legally required to run and hide. And don’t even think about stepping in to defend someone else. Use your cell phone to call 911, then video the cops arresting the perp so the lawyers can sue them for brutality.

    He supports a Gun Violence Prevention Order which sounds great, just like a Domestic Violence Restraining Order, but if you’ve spent any time in family court you’ve seen how the latter is abused and can imagine how the former will be. Instead of losing your rights as the result of a conviction for a felony, you lose your rights as a tactic in a custody fight.

    No, John, there’s nothing in this material to suggest it’s all nudge, nudge, wink, wink, don’t really mean it at all. On the contrary, it’s a straight up reversal of everything he’s ever said.

    He’s sold his soul to the devil and hopes people won’t notice. I noticed.

  17. If Walz was interested in being a moderate, he would moderate the DFl position on guns. Instead he wants to give them their every wish, constitutional or not (including a “no-fly, no-buy” law).
    Has a DFL’r ever actually run on a hard left position and later moderated it?
    Example please.
    Once you have repudiated the NRA, who, exactly, is going to guide your policy on guns? UM poli sci professors?

  18. Fund our public institutions to do research into gun violence If Washington won’t fund research into gun violence, Minnesota will. Tim and Peggy will work to pass legislation that funds our public institutions to conduct research into gun violence prevention.
    A large majority of gun violence, in Minnesota and elsewhere, is perpetrated by young men, particularly non-white young men, using illegally obtained or possessed firearms.
    Now, where is my grant money, bitch.

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