Rep. Walz: Lie Down With “Protect” MN, Wake Up With ELCA Hair

To:  Representative Walz
From:  Mitch Berg, Obstreporous Peasant
Re:  Pandering

Rep Walz,

The other day, you took time off from measuring the drapes in the Governor’s office to Demsplain how you plan to end atrocities like the  Las Vegas shooting:

Representative Walz:  I realize you’re talking to your DFLer base, and they’re not long on logic, much less less knowledge on this issue, but perhaps you, or one of them, could tell me:  how would “background checks” have prevented a shooting by a person with no criminal background that anyone seems to be aware of?

I’ll be inviting Rep Walz onto the Northern Alliance Radio Network this Saturday to discuss this.

But let’s focus for a moment on the statement “Let me  be clear:  I’ve got the credibility to bring gun owners to the table in St. Paul to get this done”.

Rob Doar from MNGOC had the most accurate response so far:

Pandering, you say?

Why, yes – pandering is the word:

Rep. Walz cavorting with the Dreamsicles, just before the 2016 election.

With that photo, you are as “credible” with gun owners as David Duke would be as an emissary to Black Lives Matter.

14 thoughts on “Rep. Walz: Lie Down With “Protect” MN, Wake Up With ELCA Hair

  1. I’ve seen some suggestions like “Bump stocks are toys. Let’s trade them in exchange for getting supressors off the NFA list.”

    Oh. Hell. No.

    Those making these suggestions have good intentions. But they have an unrealistic impression of the people we’re dealing with. Anti-constitution leftists are the dregs of the planet. They will lie, they will double deal, they will backstab…Every time. You’d be better off hand feeding a cottonmouth snake.

    We get supressors de-listed and keep bump stocks legal with cold, hard truth and logic. Overwhelm the reprobates with intelligence; works every time.

    The truth is, it’s a good thing Paddock had a bump stock. He was an mentally unhinged idiot that clearly had no idea what he was doing, and that saved lives.

    A guy with 1 good rifle and scope and the skill to use them would have killed twice as many people. That fool sprayed several hundred rounds that actually hit relatively few people.

    Many of the wounds will be assigned to ricocheted rounds and fragments. A sniper would have been shooting, not spraying.

    Why did he have so many rifles? Because buying them was part of his catharsis. Every time he bought another DDM4, another bump stock, he was saying to himself, “ooooh, you’re gonna pay”. He was soothing his rage with his stockpile…thank God he didn’t spend his money on training and range time.

    So no. We don’t give the leftists nothing.

    And we get supressors de-listed because they make shooting safer, and in no way make it easier for criminals to ply their trade. Teach calmly the physics of sound; instruct the difference between sub-sonic and fully charged cartriges. Prove there is no such thing as a “silent” gunshot.

    And never, ever give a leftist anything.

  2. Wait, Tim Walz took money from the NRA? Well, yes. He had an A rating when he represented rural southeastern Minnesota. Rock-solid Second Amendment supporter.

    What changed, Tim? You’ve had a sudden change of heart, a revelation, an epiphany about constitutional law?

    Or you need metro votes to be elected governor so your rock-solid principles suddenly turned to sand?

    What is your actual position on civil rights, Congressman Walz? Were you lying then, or are you lying now?


  3. Overwhelm the reprobates with intelligence; works every time.

    Swiftee, you are so wrong on this one. eTASS-BFL, penny, DG, Rick(+/-)DFL are prime examples logic and intelligent discourse are wasted on reprobates.

  4. and in no way make it easier for criminals to ply their trade

    Just try and picture a perp trying to conceal and draw a handgun with a silencer attached.

    Mr. D, principles are for little people.

  5. Tie any new gun regulations to longer sentences for illegal gun possession or use of a firearm in committing a felony. This will mean more minorities in jail and the DFL will spit it out.

  6. Longer sentences, or actually making it a priority to prosecute them. Exactly why the Obama DOJ did not make it a priority in Chicago just boggles the mind, except for the likelihood that the list of those prosecuted would become too embarrassing for Dear Leader.

    And, ahem, prosecution, and then, deportation for those eligible. That would really kill the move. Democrats, for some reason, love it when criminals are in their districts.

  7. Democrats, for some reason, love it when criminals are in their districts.

    Yep. A reliable voting block.

  8. Spot on, Mitch. We constantly hear about these universal background checks and most recently, “Silencers”. The average Joe doesn’t understand that so called “Silencers” don’t work like they show in the movies and the sicko who shot Steve Scalise had an Illinois FOID card.

  9. Walz campaigned as a moderate to conservative Democrat, consistently voted with Nancy Pelosi. Do the math. He is a liberal who will prostitute himself for votes. As Mr. D. noted, if you don’t like the principles he’s showing now, he’s got others.

  10. On a related note, a friend of mine in Chicago told me about a web site called heyjackass. It tracks all crime in the city. There is some humor there, as he also tracks things like people that accidentally shoot themselves, (which he calls “selfies”), but they don’t necessarily die from the wounds. There is also a tally of the cost to the city’s tax payers.

  11. JPA, when I say overwhelm reprobates with intelligence I don’t mean to say the reprobates will be suddenly enlightened…you need a brain for that, and as the examples you cited have proved it’s a hard vacuum between their ears.

    I mean overwhelm them publicly so that regular people listening to them are put off by the exposure of their ignorance.

  12. I hope Walz gets flushed out of the governor’s race and runs for Congress again, right now in this district, God could not get elected as dog catcher running on the DFL ticket.

    All it would take to defeat him is a get out the vote campaign.

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