SCENE:  Mitch BERG is waiting for a table at his local Korean restaurant when Avery LIBRELLE walks in behind him.   


BERG:   Ugh,  I mean, hey , Avery.

LIBRELLE: The kids from Parkland High School returned to class, and they feel like they’re “in prison“.

BERG: Do tell.

LIBRELLE: I’ll read from this article:

“Going to school is really so hard, and now it’s going to be so much worse,” said Isabelle Robinson, a senior. “A lot of the people I’ve talked to are dreading going back.”…MSD students will only be allowed to carry clear backpacks on campus and will be required to wear new student IDs at all times.
There will be an increased police presence on campus, as Gov. Rick Scott provides extra Florida Highway Patrol officers to beef up security and provide support to Broward County sheriff’s deputies. Students will have limited points of entry to the school.
The school district also says it’s considering whether to install metal detectors at the school’s entrances. A letter from Principal Ty Thompson sent to families on Friday said that step has not been taken yet.
“It feels like being punished,” Robinson told CNN. “It feels like jail, being checked every time we go to school.”

BERG: Huh.

LIBRELLE: Its just so unfair.

BERG: Why?

LIBRELLE: These kids are being punished for the crimes of a lunatic…

BERG: …even though they, themselves, did nothing and would never have dreamed of harming anyone ?


BERG:   So let me get this straight – punishing innocent people – people who’d have never even thought of committing a crime – because of the crimes of a lunatic is a bad thing?

LIBRELLE:  Every time, no exceptions.

BERG:   Huh.   (Notices the waitress motioning him toward a table)   Er, are you going to get a table or order something?

LIBRELLE:  Oh, no.  I’m just here to offer solidarity to these people and their leader Kim Jong Un.


15 thoughts on “Ganders

  1. These kids are too attached to their individual rights. The added security will be worthwhile if it saves a single life.

  2. I see Dow futures are down 500 points. The American economy is sure to accelerate to 4 or 5% now. Another great “winning” day ahead.

  3. I see Mr Threadjack got up early or stayed up late. The word “threadjack” got my old brain connecting dots this morning and that AC/DC song, “Big Jack”, came to mind. Now, every time, Mr Threadjack arrives you can sing/play along: Threadjack, threadjack, mumble, mumble, hum… 😉

  4. Aren’t tariffs actually tax increases for the American consumer?

    American farmers are already being hit with rising interest rates, decreasing crop yields, higher costs, climate change, and falling bushel prices for corn and wheat. 2018 will be the first year soybeans eclipse corn in production showing the heavy reliance on US farming has on China importing US soy. Now to find the weakest bank that is issuing some of that half a trillion dollars of farm debt. 

  5. Once again the gang at Emery LLC is trying to convince people that they understand basic economics or the rudiments of large scale farming.

  6. A 500 point swing in a market of 25,000 is a 2% change. Not a calamity. Not even in the top 20 (a 7% drop in the Great Depression). It’s a statistical blip.

    Liberals cite it as evidence Trump is destroying the economy. They get away with doing so because the number sounds large, without context. But if you went to Kohl’s and saw Everything Is On Sale 2% Off, people would scoff. A piddling 2%? That’s a nothing-burger. That’s like gas jumping from $2.50 to $2.55 a gallon. A 2% HIKE OMG IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!. No, it’s not. It’s an ordinary fluctuation. Ignore it.

  7. Let’s see, the post is about cluelessness of libturds and here comes Shvonder-eTASS, right on cue with a threadjack.

    Mitch, this is your blog and you can do what you want. Including comment section getting threadjacked every time by Shvonder-emeryTheAntiSemitic Soci@list. I really do appreciate this blog and your, JD and First Ringer posts, but not being able to participate in the thread postings due to continued threadjacking and you seemingly condoning it, I am afraid I will exercise my right not to tune in any more.

    Cheers to everyone. I really enjoyed this blog and the interaction, but Shvonder-eTASS turned it into his playground with tacit approval by Mitch and so I am packing up my toys and going home. Thank you all.

  8. The Chinese are quite correct: we all lose in a trade war. Trump needs to pull out his high school history book and read about Smoot-Hawley. The one thing all economists agree upon is the destructiveness of trade wars.

  9. decreasing crop yields


    Emery, if you’re going to thread-jack, at least have the common courtesy to prove the “facts” you’re citing aren’t coming from somewhere the sun doesn’t shine.

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  11. As Mencken said, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

    The Parkland students demanded that their government do something, and they got it. Good and hard.

  12. You know, JPA does have a point. I don’t care whether Mitch bans trolls or lets them post, but this particular troll doesn’t even have the entertainment value of an Angry Clown was a Penigma.

  13. Well, well, well Emery. Obviously, your uneducated knee jerk reaction to the stock market’s initial drop this morning, was a nothing burger. Up over 200 at the closing bell. Don’t quit your day job.

  14. Last year it was the tax cuts where stocks rallied on the rumor, rallied on the news, and rallied on any mention of them. Now we have the tariff / trade war and it may be repeating — in reverse.

  15. News organizations need to quit quoting point changes with regard to the Dow and talk percentages. When the Dow was 1,000 to 1,500 points were meaningful. Now that the DOW has inflated to the 20,000 point range, they have become less meaningful. But 200 point change is more headline inducing than 1% change.

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