Sign O The Times?

Big Left seems to thrive on misery.  They seem to love to cling to the notion that things have never been worse, in the nation or the world (or at least they do when there’s no Democrat in the White House).

For example – ask a typical liberal, and they’ll say that “gun violence” is at an all time high.  It’s not – nationwide, it’s at sixty-year lows, and even in Democrat-controlled major cities it’s lower than it was 25 years ago.  And yet if you ask a “progressive” what’s going on in the world, they’ll to a person insist “violent crime is out of control”.

And that’s not the only area.

I mentioned the other day the church service I went to on Christmas Eve, featuring a homily that made it sound like the world was teetering on the the brink of collapse – notwithstanding the fact that, for most of the world, things have never been better.

Don’t get me wrong – the human condition is an ugly thing.  I’m of Scandinavian descent, so optimism and pollyannaism don’t come naturally.   And the arc of the universe, while long, curves inexorably toward tyranny and barbarism.  It could all go south someday.  And there certainly  are wars going on, refugees in camps, pockets of malnutrition.

But for now, for most of the world’s people, things have never been better. As evidence, I submit this:   for the first time in the history of humanity, obesity is a bigger problem than malnutrition, as reported by those noted conservative crazies in The Lancet, in this case via both CNN and an actual news organization (which notes that obesity kills three times as many people worldwide as malnutrition).

This, not fifty years after “experts” like Paul Ehrlich “proved” that mankind was headed for an unavoidable date with Malthusianism ; that poor countries in South Asian and Africa were beyond hope and would need to be “triaged”; that India was, inevitably, going to plunge to a stable population of 100 million, and Subsaharan Africa was going to mostly die off as well.

Bear in mind that throughout all of human history, mankind has always been one bad crop away from mass starvation.  This is the first time in history most people on this planet can take a deep breath and think about a future that goes past the net harvest.

And this is almost entirely due to the success of the free market – even in places that have repudiated free markets!

Again – not that life is a picnic everywhere on earth.  It’s not.  But it’s also never been less dire and threatened.

There’s just no telling that to Big Left.

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  1. Nearly everything we think of as progress has occured since the early 17th century. That is because what we see as moral progress is the result of a technical and scientific modeling of the external universe, and that revolution in thought happened in the early seventeenth century. The Union was not victorious over the Confederacy because it held the moral high ground, the union was victorious over the Confederacy because it had more economic resources than the Confederacy possessed.
    The Left thinks that moral progress has occurred because good people, always in the minority, have pushed society to adopt moral laws and practices. This is self-serving balderdash. It cannot be rationally defended. It is an idea adapted only because it serves the ancient, non-progressive goal of gaining control over the wealth created by others.

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  3. “Thats a very insightful observation, MP.” I second this.

    If you have the time, listen to interviews of Deirdre McClosky. She makes a very big deal out of what MP is saying. King Banaian a huge fan, and I didn’t quite get it at first until I heard as couple of long interviews. Really, it’s the superior explanation of libertarianism and conservatism. I think Reason Magazine and CATO were the ones I heard.

    3 minutes

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