Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Well I’m certainly not in favor of this proposal.  Took years and cost a fortune to get my license to practice law including a background check and continuing classes every year – now they’re proposing to hand out law licenses to people who aren’t even supposed to be in the country?


What’s the point of following the law, if nobody else has to?

What’s the point?

Devaluing law, the same as Big Left has devalued labor, community, morality and individuality.

4 thoughts on “Devalued

  1. President Bush’s decision to end the practice of allowing the ABA to rank judges has never seemed so wise in retrospect.

  2. Another thought here is that if you want lawyers who won’t follow the law, why not let people whose first act in this country was breaking our law to become lawyers? Maybe give them a fast route to immigration law as well?

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  3. They’re just bringing the same price slashing effect roofing received to lawering.

    “Chuy & Home Boys”

    “Let us do the talkin’ ese!”

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