The New Brahmins

Democrat congresswoman tells commoner that her First Amendment rights are “Different” than his:

A bit of background:  when Rep. Demings was a police chief, her gun was stolen from her car; it’s tautological that her gun fell into the hands of a criminal.

Demings is, naturally, a gun grabber:

So that’s two “rights of the people” where this Demcorat rep thinks some people are more people than others.

11 thoughts on “The New Brahmins

  1. “My First Amendment right is different than yours” ought to get a person expelled from any legislative body, bureaucratic post, or other government employment in the nation, no questions asked.

  2. BB, actually, she’s right. Her First Amendment rights are “different from yours.” She’s actually a member of government, so she can’t petition herself “for a redress of grievances.” In that sense she has fewer First Amendment rights than the plebes.

    That said, she should petition herself from relief from her own stupidity for making that post in a public forum and exposing her elitist beliefs, but she hardly needs to address herself in her governmental capacity to do that.

  3. I salute her honesty, this is reallyyour what Democrats have believed and she let a truth slip. Bravo.

  4. BB, if that was the case we wouldn’t have any Democrats in Washington, its what they all believe. That’s why they push this ‘hate speech ‘ bullshit

  5. POD: good to see you commenting here. By the way, what would be wrong with having no Democrats in DC? I’m confused. :^)

  6. no problem man, none of them really believe in the 1st amendment, they just give it lip service

  7. also I’m aware that might be sarcasm, my stroke wasn’t THAT bad

  8. :^) You need not defend yourself from me–at least I hope. Glad you’re mending, and take care of yourself. I don’t understand strokes real well, but I’m told they are serious business.

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