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Ten years or so ago, during the heyday of the political blog, some of us – conservatives with fond memories of the punk era in music – quipped “conservatism is the new punk”.

In places like Minneapolis and Saint Paul, it’s still pretty true; conservatives and conservatism are the counterculture, the disruption, the sound of the gleeful underdog that makes the establishment froth with rage.

And life today is imitating us.

(More interesting to me, personally?  The persistent rumor from credible sources that Joe Strummer, in the years before his untimely death, had become a bit of a conservative).

4 thoughts on “Life Imitates Blog

  1. Friedrich Hayek often wrote about the importance of language and insisted on calling himself a “classical liberal.”

    I too am a classical liberal. But the nomenclature is confusing. Since National Socialists call themselves “liberals” and “progressives,” I’ve been forced to avoid the title “classical liberal” and have gone along with “conservative” even though I’m really a revolutionary American patriot.

    But now that it’s official…are we really the “Rottens?”

    Rottens? No…it doesn’t quite hit the mark. Oh well, we’ll have to keep looking for a label worthy of us.

  2. Here’s my nomenclature take: leftists can use simple and emotional words etc. We can’t really convey what is going on without words like “non-public goods” “graft” “rent seeking” “depreciation” “actuarial science” “Demand economics” “ZIRP”

    This will end badly.

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