The First “Trump 2020” Campaign Ad

After an election where Identity Politics generated an identity politics backlash that overwhelmed the Identity Politicians, MTV News triples down with perhaps the most textbook example of tone-deafness in a movement that can’t carry a tune in a bucket in the first place.

Broad, ofay stereotyping is now good, apparently:

“White guys”.  Huh.  Because an Italian about as much socially in common with a Swede as a Korean has with a Philipino?

My “favorite”?  “Learn what ‘mansplaining’ is, and stop doing it”.

Ma’am, I know what “mansplaining” is.  It’s a way to dismiss someone’s argument without actually having to address it.  It’s a weaponized rhetorical coin trick that genderizes, at most, poor communication, and at the very least, personal annoyance and peevishness.  Nothing more.  In a world run by Mitch Berg, using the term “Mansplaining” to cut off an argument would be grounds for spraying people in the face with mace.

And if I could just take a moment to express my complete fatigue with Millennial hipster pajama-boy gamma male virtue-signalling?

I plan on circulating this far and wide – until it gets disappeared, at least.

It’s also more than a little tempting to do my own New Years resolutions list for MTV and our Social Justice Warrior community.

13 thoughts on “The First “Trump 2020” Campaign Ad

  1. No wonder ive bagged so much tail in my life, no matter what they say biologically females want a manly man. Not these sissyboys who have been feminized so bad they are essentially cock blocking themselves

  2. If I had the ability if someone ever tells me I was mansplaining Id cut the nastiest fart and leave the area/room saying ‘tell it to my ass’

  3. I watched this Show on Netflix called “Shannara.” It’s a sword and sorcery epic produced by MTV.
    The young men in the show all seem to be homosexual. The young women are icy-breasted tigresses.
    I fear the future.

  4. I had no idea what being “woke” was, until these well fed, well educated, confortable minority moonbats hipped me to it.

    Now I’m woke like a boss.

    WHITE, successful through my own fucking hard work, WHITE, gainfully employed through no quota preference, proud WHITE father (look it up, bruh) of three happy, well adjusted WHITE men who don’t expect anyone to give them a damn thing they didn’t earn.

    Did I mention I’m WHITE?

    Thanks for the heads up, y’all. Hope life brings much wonderful mooching and victim reperations to you and yours.

  5. POD, you are 100% right. Women won’t admit it, but they want a man to take charge. You don’t ask them what they want to do tonight, you tell them what’s up for tonight.

    If she is wearing yoga pants, tell her to change because you don’t want other guys checking her goods out; she will do it, trust me.

    If her car is broke, fix it. If you don’t know how, well first shame on you, but second, take it to someone that can fix it…just get it fixed. Check her oil, make sure her windshield wiper juice is full; tell her you won’t allow her to drive an unsafe vehicle.

    Then lay back and enjoy your reward.

    There is a difference between treating your woman like a queen, and being a queen.

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