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Frank Drake is running and extremely aggressive, and fairly tart, campaign against Keith Ellison in the fifth Congressional District.

Will it work? I saw the 1980 Olympic hockey team; I do believe in miracles. I’m a Republican in the inner city, so I have to.

Anyway – Drake provides a list of Keith Ellison’s “accomplishments” in office:

Top Keith Ellison accomplishments:

1) I promise to end these wars, and not start any new wars.

2) Minneapolis is now a UN sanctuary city funded by Minnesotans.

3) I can show up anywhere, and I’m the story.

4) The DNC was impartial. That’s why “Keith’s for Hillary” now.

5) Who’s this Frank Drake dude anyway?

6) Community Action of Minneapolis was a great front and money laundering operation until it was seized by the Government for fraud. Bill Davis remains a trusted advisor. President Obama will pardon him before leaving office.

7) Marijuana remains a Class 1 Narcotic, just like Heroin.

8) Keith Ellison was never involved, in any way, with the overthrow of Syria or the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

9) Unemployment is low, especially in our urban centers. That 4.5% Unemployment Rate is true, despite 1/3 of all Americans not working. Over 94,000,000 Americans don’t work.

10) Our Government is in the business of War. Private prisons are a growth industry.

11) My ideas are proven in Venezuela and many controlled economies.

Keith Ellison’s ideas resonate like a frying pan dropped from a five-story building hitting the pavement.

Drake has a way with words that we could use a lot more of an inner-city Republican politics.

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  1. While I’d love to see a change, I don’t see it happening. I live in this district – unless you’ve got a D behind your name, it can’t happen. You could be an R or I that touts the exact same thing, or even more far left than him, and it wouldn’t change. Too many of my neighbors vote party line only. They make their voting choice on who the DFL endorses.

    What is really sad is how many of these people are supposedly educated. I’ve had conversations where I think I’m the first person they have spoken with that isn’t a registered Democrat. They acknowledge that I’m not a hate filled bigot/racist/islamophone/xenophone and that I have a well thought out position. They’d still never vote for anyone else.

  2. shaking;

    I have experienced the same stupidity. A guy down the block from me is on the corner of 94th St. which is a main road into the subdivision. He has replaced his “Bernie” sign with the signs of every left wing commie that’s running and had them all on that corner. He is about 70 years old, so there is no point in trying to talk to him about things like his heroes voting themselves a $90 million Taj Mahal or saddling us with another stadium or Shillary’s lies, treason and murder. In fact, he got really pissed off when I called him a low information voter.

    I’m waiting for Ellison to issue his standard statement about his opponent, “Frank Drake is a scumbag”, like he did with Chris Fields a couple of years ago.

  3. It would be great if a muzzy suicide bomber accidentally set off his backpack while Hakim X Ellison was over for dinner.

  4. well swiftee accidents do happen, like this one in “Little Mogadishu”:

    Centerpoint Energy spokeswoman Becca Virden said utility crews have carefully been through the scene.
    “We have specialized a gas leak that can detect a gas leak even when you can’t detect it — highly sensitive equipment,” she said. “They have checked there were no gas leaks reported before and there are no gas leaks in the area now.”

    I wonder what it was? Oops it just inexplicably dropped out of the news cycle.

  5. Muslims are the fastest growing religious group in the US — and a lot of that is because of people converting, not immigrants. Keep on referring to them as Muzzy’s and you can guarantee that demographic won’t be putting an R after their name.

    I will assume that when you refer to Ellison as Allison that is a typo; we all make them occasionally. It’s just amusing to see it under a “Report Card” headline.

    Reading through your list, I don’t see a lot of items that you can directly tie to Ellison. Ellison has an approval rating on a par with AKlo in Minnesota because in part he does a good job of representing the concerns of his district, and because he does a pretty good job overall on constituent services — in other words, he does his job.

    I’ll bet you $10 that Obama does not pardon Bill Davis, mentioned in item 6. I will bet you another $10 that Ellison takes absolutely no action to seek or encourage or solicit such a pardon. You in? I propose we settle up the day Obama leaves office.

    There is no such thing as “UN sanctuary cities”; the decision to become a sanctuary city is entirely LOCAL, it has nothing to do with the UN, or the federal government and would not therefore involve Ellison in any way. I would further point out that the term sanctuary city has no legal meaning or significance.

    But hey, peddle your misinformation some more, and while you’re at it gin up antagonism towards organizations like the UN by making false claims like this. The dummies don’t know or care; they just like the hate stoking and fear mongering of their daily agit prop.

    As to your claims about economic policies relating to Venezuela, please be more specific. List at least 3 economic policies that Ellison has espoused, when and where he did so, and how those were implemented in Venezuela.
    You can’t. But try.
    I would make the argument that there is little logical benefit in comparing Venezuela to the USA, because they are not even remotely similar economies; this is an asphalt to apples comparison.
    But I would rather underline by the challenge your abysmal level of knowledge relating to economics, especially on an international scale.

    (FYI, a number of the more significant countries you listed re: Brexit are now delaying new treaties with the UK, to replace the ones they previously had. That includes the USA declining to fast track new trade agreements with the UK post-Brexit. Both your ignorance of which of the nations on that list previously had trade agreements with the UK based on membership in the EU that HAD to be renegotiated, and your implied assertion that this meant some sort of salvation for the UK hasn’t held up in practice.)

    As to the economic policies YOU encourage and support, we see in Kansas what an abject failure of them looks like HERE. And we can look at it pragmatically with a similar state to state comparison that has validity, unlike your proposed comparison.

    Just sayin’, your report card gets an F.

  6. Mohamed Jama, who lives in Riverside Plaza, said he raced to the building after hearing an explosion.

    Have to ask…is his mom Mamma Jama?

    That’s an interesting story Sauk, I hadn’t heard anything about it. Did a bit of FACTCHECKING, and you’re right…the story just dropped off the radar.

    This linked fellow did a bit of checking, but didn’t come up with anything:

    Who cares? I’m blaming Hakim X and his muzzy pals…they were probably going to blow up a nursing home but someone got jiggy with the backpack. Too bad Hakim didn’t stick around for tea and khat after a meal of goat balls and chicken feet.

  7. I work with more than a few reasonably smart D-people and I’ve noticed they do a lot of thinking with their ears: they can have a thoughtful, personal opinion on this topic or that, but when they hear the party line they have a devil of a time not immediately switching to it for some reason.

  8. DG,

    While I’d be more than happy to welcome your input to my comment section, you will respond to the responses to your comments to this post before anything you leave gets out of moderation.

    Answer the responses in that thread? A dozen comments, representing hours of your life, will go free.

    Your call. But there is no other way.


  9. Please, please, please, Mitch! I beg you to keep Doggy’s comments in purgatory, lest we have to suffer through her rambling, bullshit missives. I mean, while it’s good humor and great sport to shred her garbage into confetti, it gets boring when we constantly have to address the same crap every time.

  10. Boss,

    I hear ya.

    But for the record, I would be happy to release all 12 comments from purgatory. It’d be simple; just respond to responses and stop “pooping and running”. I mean, I LIKE a good debate! My producer, the Consigliere, has standing orders to put liberal callers on first!

    But I won’t tolerate abuse of my hospitality.

  11. Mitch, I have to agree with bosshoss, and POD (from a few days ago). Dog does not comment here in good faith, or with any sincerity (or integrity for that matter) Time to drop doggie

  12. Mitch you’re the best!

    DG, all you have to do is come out of your lonely corner and end your B.

    Mitch you’re super tolerant.

    DG, all you have to do is stand your ground and answer for your B.S. Seems you want to hijack a forum because evidence is you have none of your own.

  13. “tea and khat after a meal of goat balls and chicken feet”

    swiftee, I wonder if that’s not a fine State dinner in that hell hole part of the world.

  14. Most congressmen are re-elected on the basis of constituent service, including bringing federal $ to the district (even if the $ are robbed from other congressmens districts). This is why congressmen have a very high re-election rate, even if polls show congressional approval is at some abysmal number.
    Pundits who compare congressional approval rates with presidential approval rates are comparing apples to oranges.

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