Mixed Messages

Being a liberal must be confusing.

Exhibit A:  This week’s City Pages.

On the one hand:  Mike Mullen complains that Mendards’ management training program urges the store’s staff to oppose tax hikes.  Because taxes are what makes life worth living, and by no means should Menards expect its management to support the store’s financial health, nosirreebob.

On the other hand:  Corey Zurowski bemoans a non-profit that presumably is no “happy to pay for a Better Minnesota” as it has been extincted by…taxes.

I’d imagine this’d cause some heads to explode, if any of the City Pages’ audience really thought about it.

But I jest.

Sometimes I slay me.

(Via regular commenter Chuck)

3 thoughts on “Mixed Messages

  1. Thanks! Yeah, its one thing to say “oh yeah, what about the time a Democat/Republican said/did ……..”.
    Nooo this is not only in the same issue, but on a back to back page.
    And a quick check of Ramsey County web site. University Ave Menards pays annual property tax to the City of St Paul of $683,192. And doing some online research (estimated total revenue of company, divided by number of stores), I estimate that the .5% city sales tax generates about $180,000 for the city from that store. So St Paul gets about $865,000 in tax revenue each year from John Menard (plus whatever other tributes he has to pay to do business in Chris Coleman’s city). Plus when I go there, I then stop at Midway Liquors across the street (and pay a 10% sales tax). Not sure why City Pages thinks Menards is undertaxed.

  2. Yes and we all know that in a communist controlled state, their fair share is fluid and is whatever the Commies say it is at a point in time.

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