My mom worked at a nursing school. My niece is a NICU nurse.  I have quite a few nurses among my closest friends.  

So it’s hard not to say “I have all the sympathy in the world for the nurses that are striking at the various Alina hospitals”.

So I will let Larry from “Very Angry Bird” say it for me:

Normally, I am very sympathetic to anyone who is affected by the treachery and deceit of ObamaCare. The only ones who escape by shoulder to cry on are union types who supported ObamaCare when it was first being hatched. Since most unions are Democratic strongholds, the nurses union all supported ObamaCare. To put it in old west terms – they now know what it is like to be shot with their own gun.

nurses are wonderful people – but the nurses union is as hard left as the SEIU. The union jumped up and down and did cartwheels for Obama, and Obamacare, eight years ago.

Now, as the “Affordable Care Act” makes healthcare I’ll truly unaffordable for millions – exactly as predicted – the union is trying to insulate itself and its members from the policies that the union supported, worked for, and donated its members ‘money to.

Sorry, nurses. You lost me on this one.

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  1. Other than not covering the Obamacare angle, I’d say the reporting has been reasonable on this issue. Of course that is a big issue. One pet peeve (but good marketing on their part)…the nurses side has done a good job portraying themselves as sympathetic people. You don’t talk about underlining issue, but instead tell people how important you are. Why, how can anyone oppose our nurses?

  2. It’s interesting that the dispute is about their “Cadillac plan” that seems to have the effect of making Allina a hotspot for nursers with very serious illnesses in their families. Now some of these issues are unavoidable–type 1 diabetes, etc..–but I wonder what the Pareto looks like here. Does the Cadillac plan actually inadvertently encourage poor health choices among the people it serves to protect?

  3. This needs to be spread all over. I’ve been waiting for someone to point out the link between Allina wanting to change the nurses’ health plans and the ACA. I was hoping for responsible journalism. I suppose that in a Presidential election year, with an unpopular Democrat as the nominee, media does not want to point this out. We’ll probably see more strikes ahead. Allina is ahead of the curve. All other area hospitals allowed nurses to keep their expensive plans this year. But, by 2020, employers will be charged a fine for offering these types of plans.

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