13 thoughts on “The 3AM Phone Call

  1. So a downed passenger plane destroys the first black president’s vacation? And you don’t believe racism is involved?
    That is, in itself, racism.

  2. He won’t let an international crisis interrupt his vacation. This is part of the “fundamental transformation” he talked about. So some Americans were collateral damage in an act of war between two other countries. Eh…….we need to be brought down several rungs and temper our aggressive reaction to hostile acts.

    “All in good time, masters. All in good time.”

  3. Gracious host, I have to admit that when I read “time to go on vacation”, my first thought was to wonder whether you wanted to send Air Force One over the Ukraine…..OK, now I get it. When the goin’ gets tough, the President gets golfin’.

  4. Traditionally, a second term president turns his attention to foreign policy, because in foreign policy a president is able to act with the less interference from congress.
    The current occupant, however, is able to act domestically only via executive orders and in foreign policy he is incompetent.
    Thank God Joe Biden has his back!

  5. . . . by ‘incompetent’, I mean that Obama is ideologically committed to pursuing certain objectives using certain means. When those objectives and means fail, he lacks the imagination to pursue different objectives or use different means to achieve them.
    Examples abound. He withdrew all of our troops from Iraq and now the place is falling apart. The same thing will occur in Afghanistan. Once we leave, we have no leverage. But Obama is committed to leaving.
    Obama insists that it is in the interests of the Russia to take a less aggressive stand in central Europe. Why in the world would Obama believe that he, and not the Russian people, know what is in the interests of Russia?

  6. Probably come as no surprise to readers and commenters on SITD, but President Classless just redefined the term.
    It’s one thing not to want to frighten school children by continuing to read “My Pet Goat”, but Jesus Christ, Barry! You can’t edit the script and skip the Biden and Jack Lew jokes after announcing a terrible tragedy involving nearly 300 deaths at a fund raising lunch? Are you that f****** obtuse? Even Piers Morgan noted what a soulless cad TFG is. Maybe a few speechwriters will get canned over this… but given how this clown works, don’t be surprised to see, ala Ron Burgundy, the President say, “you go f*** yourself, United States of America”, after his next State of the Union.

  7. Essentially, he did the same thing today that he appears to have done on 9/11/12. Instead of dealing with a geopolitical crisis event, the Leader of the Free World:

    (a) ignored the larger meaning of the event;
    (b) left the mess for his underlings to clean up; and
    (c) got on a plane to go to a fundraiser.

    The only difference between then and now is that he had to pretend he gave a damn in 2012 because he had to face the voters. Now he can just do whatever the hell he wants.

  8. Sitting president gets publically flogged by an active duty general. ‘Nuf said.

  9. It’s likely Barry will demand the good generals resignation because he’s………..racist.

  10. If even this event can’t convince the Europeans to come up with meaningful sanctions against Putin, I will completely despair.

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