Our Bitchy Overlords

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Unconstitutional and ineffective. Pretty much sums up his whole administration.

First, military surplus rifles have been imported for years and sold out of the NRA magazine. They’re not automatic weapons, they’re antiques. German Mauser rifles. Russian sniper rifles from the Siege of Stalingrad. M-1 rifles we left behind in Korea. Now, we’re going to ban anybody from bringing them into the country? Why? Who does the rule affect? A few people who collect antique rifles. It will have absolutely no impact on crime.

Second, the ATF received 39,000 requests to transfer restricted weapons to gun trusts last year. Restricted weapons are machine guns. Transfers of machine guns require ATF approval, a fee, background investigation, etc. It’s not the same as buying a regular gun, it’s a big deal, even if the transfer is simply from me to my son. So some smart lawyers came up with the idea of putting the gun into the trust. The trust owns the gun, not me, so the beneficiaries of the trust can use it but the trust continues to own it.

Not one single person who was killed in America last year, was killed by an ATF-registered machine gun. The new rule affects collectors, not criminals. It will have absolutely no impact on crime.

Joe Doakes

Barack Obama: afflicting the afflicted, comforting the comfortable.

5 thoughts on “Our Bitchy Overlords

  1. Not to mention the US government still offers citizens a chance to buy US military grade weapons from our own stockpile via the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

  2. The rules:

    1) inconvenience only the law abiding citizen
    2) have absolutely no impact on gun crime

    and so they achieve all the typical Democrat party “Gun Policy Objectives”.

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  4. So you’re telling me that if I win the auction for the Browning Colt 50 caliber Ma deuce: M2 and the Browning Colt 1919 machine gun Model# M 1919A4 I’m currently bidding on via an auction house in Sauk Rapids later today I should create a trust to own the weapons? Good to know that lawyers are always looking out for me, the little guy.

  5. All this accomplishes is to show that dear leader is still out gunning for the NRA-types and bitter clingers. I truly believe he’d sacrifice all that he holds dear, or maybe not – that would require suicide, to get his way and demolish the Second Amendment.

    Since he’s been put in his place (for now) regarding the gun issue, I think he’d do anything to succeed. “No” is something he will not tolerate; never heard it as a kid, as a student, or as he made his way up the ladder because he was “special.”

    These relatively meaningless gestures just keep him in the gun grabbing game and maintain the support of the hamsters, soccer moms, and other wealthy gun grabbers.

    To his (or his handlers’) credit, Governor Dayton made a lukewarm comment against the proposed gun prohibition at the state capitol. So did Yvonne Solon. This was a wise move; it is intended to show that they are not absolutists on the gun issue. President Obama would be wise to do the same, rather than look like an angry, petulant, eight-year-old.

    Rather, he keeps up the attack, just to keep it fresh. Those who want a Garand should hit the ODCMP website asap.

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