Sort Of A Contest

Contestanat #1

“We can build [a major freeway] from Michigan to [the candidate’s state] and widen major highways across the state.”

“Let’s get [the candidate’s state] and America back to work and move South Carolina and America forward,” he said.

Contestant #3

..>We’re going to see some big things happening for instance in Saint Paulfor example with Central Corridor being the largest work project in the state of Minnesota , with state and local and government funding, investing in our community um so I’m very pleased that people’re going to see more of those projects moving forward

Greene has, in the past, said that manufacturing action figures of himself would be a boost to the economy. If that is still part of his platform he did not mention it.

Your Answer (Pick one)

a) 1 is Betty McCollum, 2 is that crazy guy from South Carolina

b) 1 is that crazy guy from South Carolina – Alvin Greene, that’s name! And 2 is Betty McCollum

c) Who can tell?

Answer below the fold.

1 is Alvin Greene.  2 is Betty McCollum.

In other words, 3.

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