If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Cul-De-Sac

Among the left’s long list of abusive rhetorical techniques, and the one that has me in a particular state of pique, is the phrase “SAY HIS (or HER) NAME”.

It’s a pretty ghastly bit of emotional manipulation – basically a bit of on-the-spot brainwashing, and the crudest, most blunt-force kind of framing there is.

With that in mind, Governor Klink is clearly getting the message – the suburbs, which gave the DFL the majority that keeps his dictatorial power in place, are clearly not amused by last weekend’s shenanigans and malarkey in Hugo.

But he can’t quuuiiiiiite put it in words without getting his progressive puppetmasters to whack him on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper:

Well, just a doggone minute, Governor.

What threatening behavior? What bloodthirsty rhetoric?

From whom?

Say his name.

And his party.

Hint: it’s the party – from the leadership on down – that is always the one actually attacking people and breaking things.

Go ahead, Governor Walz. Or, let’s be honest, Flanagan.

If you live outside the Jonestown cult that is the DFL in the Twin Cities, you need to make sure your neighbors seriously absorb this episode. It tells you everything there is to know about today’s DFL.

7 thoughts on “If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Cul-De-Sac

  1. I am curious as to how this whole visit the rubes in Hugo event came about. It’s really, really easy to come up with a bunch of questions.

    How was it organized? I mean, some buses or lots of cars had to make a trip from the “city” to the outer ‘burbs. If buses, who arranged the trip? From where? To where (in Hugo)? If cars, where did they meet? Park (in Hugo)? There were pre-printed signs and piñatas. From where? Was Thompson just the “talent” or was he part of the planning? Did some amateurs just go a bit overboard? Or was there approval from the upper reaches of the DFL? The Tim Jong Walz administration? Did Tim Jong know? Ellison? Flanagan? Are they throwing Thompson to the metaphorical wolves?

  2. I’m confused. Thompson says he can’t talk to journalists because of death threats:

    “When people are calling my family and telling my family they are going to put a bullet in my son’s head, I’m not in a space right now to talk to the press,” he said.

    So journalists are making threats against Thompson? Do you think it’s related to beating a defenseless piñata of a journalist to death in the driveway of a guy who wasn’t even home? Did he not know the piñata was never alive? Isn’t it cultural mis-appropriation to beat the piñata with the mask over your mouth and not your eyes? So many questions…

  3. Well, according to Bob Kroll’s interview, Nakeema Valdez Levy Pounds Armstrong was in the crowd. My guess, she’s the one that organized the event and convinced Thompson to participate. And, those alleged “threats” against his family? I’m calling B.S. If they actually occurred, they are false flag threats, by Democrat operatives, to gin up the masses of lefty miscreants.

  4. jdm, There were pictures on twitter showing the cars first gathered at the old Sears by the Capitol for the convoy to Hugo. So someone coordinated the “Roll to Krolls”

  5. If the “death threats” weren’t reported to the police & investigated, they didn’t happen.

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