Don’t You Think You’re Being A Little Hard On Our Little Creep?

Rioting in Portland for 60 days now, most recently trying to burn down a police station. The Press says the riots are “mostly peaceful.” 

Puts me in mind of a certain movie. I can imagine our anti-fa hero coming up from the basement, dressed in black, telling Mom he’s going out with his friends. “That’s nice dear, have fun storming the courthouse.”

Joe Doakes

It’s all funny until self-government becomes impossible because nobody trusts our institutions…

3 thoughts on “Don’t You Think You’re Being A Little Hard On Our Little Creep?

  1. One would hope that by now most Amerricans (liberal or conservative) know that if the FBI ever wants to ask you a few questions, you tell them “no,” or make sure you do so in the presence of your lawyer.
    It is right and proper that Americans do not trust our institutions. They have been corrupted by the bureaucrats who run them.

  2. I am extremely gratified that these miscreants are starting to get justice served on them, like this scum sucker that kicked a motorist in the head. After he and his passenger were assaulted by “peaceful protesters”, he tried to drive off, but crashed. Said “protesters” assaulted him and while he was already on his knees and bloody, one brave ass wipe decided to kick him in the head, just for good measure.

    We have our own version here with another radical black candidate (read: activist), endorsed by Kim Jong Walz. John Thompson and his mob, shows up at MPD union president Bob Kroll’s house, shouting profanities and terrorizing his family. He also encouraged the burning of Hugo, where Kroll lives, down. These are the types of candidates that mental midgets like Emery, Paddywhacker and Dog Breath support. They should be so proud.

  3. MP, you can be compelled to talk to them with a lawyer.

    If so, use this script.

    You: “Look, what did you say your name was?

    Agent: “I gave you my name three times.”

    You: “What was the question?”

    Agent: “I asked you…”

    You: “Look, what did you say your name was?

    In other words, respond in a manner that is a cross between Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden,

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