“Shot In The Dark”: The News That Matters, First

Powerline’s Scott Johnson on his wrapup of what happened in Minneapolis over Memorial Day.

In his initial comments the morning after the Third Precinct was destroyed, Governor Walz threw Frey under the proverbial bus for the decision to abandon it. Warned in advance of the decision by Frey, Walz professed himself “not comfortable” with it. These were perhaps the most truthful only words uttered by Walz in this entire series of events. Walz quickly reverted to the style of the stereotypical used car salesman that is his characteristic mode.

The decision to abandon the Third Precinct on the evening of May 28 was an open secret. The Wall Street Journal now looks back in “‘We’re Just Going to Walk Away From This?’ How Minneapolis Left a Police Station to Rioters.” MPR looks back in “‘The precinct is on fire’: What happened at Minneapolis’ 3rd Precinct — and what it means.”

Unfortunately, MPR has no idea what it means. Led by the Star Tribune, we have a massive failure of the Minnesota media to settle accounts and assess responsibility. Their view is utterly blinkered, not by the fog of war, but rather by the fog of leftist sympathy. Sheer cowardice must be a substantial contributing factor as well.

The perpetrators of the terroristic crime wave were many and varied. Only a few have been charged so far. The Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota has brought arson cases against a dozen or so defendants to date. See the US Attorney press releases compiled here. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives seems to be taking the lead in the investigation of the 150 arsons throughout the Twin Cities in the week following Floyd’s death.

The whole piece is worth a read.

But let’s set the record straight, here. Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s wrapup of the abandonment of the Third Precinct:

Police were preparing another round of tear gas to use against a rock-throwing crowd when they got word from Mayor Jacob Frey on the night of Thursday, May 28, to abandon the city’s Third Precinct,

Here’s MPR’s team report:

It was 9:53 p.m. when a Minneapolis police officer sent out an urgent call to the other officers who remained in the 3rd Precinct.

“We need to move. We need to move,” he shouted over the police radio.  

Protesters were breaking into the back of the station, and officers were preparing to take an unprecedented step in American policing: to abandon their precinct building. 

Let the record show that Shot In The Dark, informed by a source with close connections in the Minneapolis Police, broke the news that the decision had been made, in a post timestamped 2:54PM Thursday afternoon.

Shot in the Dark – more better news.

6 thoughts on ““Shot In The Dark”: The News That Matters, First

  1. A question:

    The Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota has brought arson cases against a dozen or so defendants to date. See the US Attorney press releases compiled here. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

    Are both of these state or federal agencies? If federal, what are the state law officials doing or have they already been defanged and neutered?

  2. jpa
    they’re both federal
    Walz has obviously ordered the MN State agencies to stand down.

  3. On another note, apparently, Dr. Scott Jensen, is being investigated for comments made on news programs, exposing the evil antics of the CDC. Some left wing Karen, decided to report him to the medical board. My bet; that Karen works for Kim Jong Walz.

  4. Well, sitting in TX, I refuse to fund federal activity in what is clearly a MN mess. Maybe I should stop paying federal taxes. Hey, not a bad idea, eh? Rule of law is being flaunted, ignored and disregarded everywhere it seems. Why not IRS?

  5. I flew into Minneapolis last Thursday, and am now safely ensconced in my Osceola hideaway. The differences are amazing. In Hawaii, everyone wears a mask in any public place, by force of law. Almost no public places (restaurants, bars) are open for business.
    In Polk county, they have these little plastic shields they place between the clerk and the customer in some places. In others, there is nothing. It is completely pre-pandemic, neither the clerks nor the customers act differently than they did six months ago. Restaurants and bars are open & doing a good business.
    I was in Duluth yesterday. It was hot, near 90, the waterfront was packed. Few people wore masks, “social distancing” was a joke. I didn’t go into any restaurants, but the sidewalk tables outside restaurants were packed.
    Saint Louis County has a population density slightly higher than Hawaii’s Big Island, and has a similar very, very low caseload of covid-19 patients in hospital.
    Something is very fishy about this “pandemic” and the public safety edicts.

  6. Greg Gutfield points out this bizarre bit of MSM propaganda:
    “ABC News
    A young protester has died from injuries she suffered when a luxury car plowed into her and another woman during a Black Lives Matter protest Saturday on a Seattle freeway that has been shut down for days due to the civil unrest, police said.”
    -The “luxury car” was a low-end Jaguar, not a morally autonomous being with freedom of choice.
    -The driver was a black, male immigrant. The person killed was a white “non-binary identifying” political activist.

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