Komissar Kim Norton, MkKarthyist

We’ve gone around and around with Representative Kim Norton of Rochester.  Norton, who is retiring from the Legislature after this coming session, is going to be carrying Michael Bloomberg’s water; she’ll be sponsoring, so we’re told, a number of gun control bills.

Not that you can get a straight answer out of her; although she went into great detail in the Rochester Post-Bulletin in which she called for a “conversation about guns”, she also told anyone who wanted to engage in dialog (as opposed to echo-chamber monologue) that she really had no idea what she was going to put into any bill, and had nothing to talk about.

Which is kind of hilarious, if you think about it.

Of course, on Twitter over the holiday weekend, she found a specific proposal to support – from Bloomberg’s chief streetwalker in the Senate, Kirsten Gillibrand.

And her response (below) to MNGOPAC leader Bryan Strawser is one for the record books, and one that every Rochester voter should take up with Ms. Norton:  That’s right – for opposing denying civil rights to people who wind up on a non-transparent, easily-abused, unsupervised grab bag of names collected so willy-nilly it’s become the stuff of folk legends, for which the Feds don’t have to tell why, or even whether, you’re on it, Rep. Norton, one of the DFL’s inner circle thought leaders, equates you with a terrorist.

Remember when Democrats were opposed to mysterious starchambers handing down secret lists of enemies, with no transparency or accountability?  I’ll bet Rep. Nortdon does.

This is today’s DFL.

Question:  Do you suppose anyone in the media will question Rep. Norton on this?

12 thoughts on “Komissar Kim Norton, MkKarthyist

  1. I am incredibly happy that the people who want to make all of the important decisions for us peons are such smart and tolerant people!

  2. Instead of a no-fly list, why don’t we arrest these people, charge and try them? Since they are so dangerous.

  3. It occurs to me, without any snark intended, that most of the people on the no fly list vote Democrat. That is certainly true in Minneapolis.

    If we’re gonna deny one Constitutional right based on the NFL, let’s throw in another one; the franchise.

  4. Question: Do you suppose anyone in the media will question Rep. Norton on this?

    Sort of on topic regarding media bias.
    One of our two congressmen, Tulsi Gabbard, is one of the few Dems to oppose Obama’s Syrian refugee resettlement plan. She is being reviled by the local media for her cruel heartlessness.
    Gabbard was elected in part on her military record. During the first of her two tours in the ME, in Iraq, she had to choose between losing her Hawaii state legislature seat and staying with her unit. She gave up her seat in the legislature to stay with her bros. Tulsi still holds a commission as a Major in the Hawaii National Guard.
    So this was being crowed about when she ran, and won her seat in the US House in 2012.
    Now that she opposes the Syrian resettlement plan, none of the journalists criticizing her decision will mention that, unlike them, she has actually served in the military and fought terrorists in the ME.

  5. Will anyone in media question Norton on her inconsistencies? In the newsrooms of Minnesota media there are no inconsistencies which cannot be spiked, ignored or vaporized.

  6. Let’s assume this is a good idea– stretch our imaginations to breaking. Then I have 73 people who are on the terrorist watch list that should be immediately apprehended and their guns taken, and we know exactly where they are. They work for the TSA.

  7. Just because they’ve never been formally charged, tried or convicted is no reason people should have rights.

    Someone suspected someone of saying something suspicious sometime; what more evidence do you need?

    Close The Due Process Loophole!

  8. Curious….

    Will our children someday awake to find ear trumpets in their holiday stockings?


  9. The left is happy how this sort of kangaroo court justice is working on campuses with regard to alleged sexual assaults. “I just know he’s guilty.”

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