8 thoughts on “A Little Good News

  1. On Saturday, the fake media were assuring us it was “weather related”.

    Perhaps they’re right. It’s the shit rain.

  2. From ABC News:
    Last week, Southwest became the latest airline to announce it was imposing a vaccine mandate on its staff. The Dallas-based company said its workers must be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8 in order to remain at the airline. Employees can seek approval to skip the shots due to medical or religious reasons.

    One analyst said a possible reason for the weekend outages may be a work slowdown by pilots who oppose the mandate. The pilots union denied it was part of a job action.

    Imposing a mandate on non-replacable pilots in the middle of the holiday travel season? I think that Biden has “leaky” stupidity, meaning that his stupid policies are put in force in the stupidest way possible.

  3. Nice to see that some countries are still capable of conducting a free and fair election.

  4. Good news from Czechia. Now if only we can get a quorum of Czechs to eschew the atheism that accursed party taught them.

  5. “Pilot union warns of staffing shortages if American Airlines refuses vaccination exemptions”

    The union representing pilots for American Airlines warned the company could face a staffing shortage ahead of the busy holiday travel season if it implements a stringent COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

    The Allied Pilots Association requested that American Airlines find “alternate means of compliance with the Executive Order be made available for professional pilots” so as not to prompt mass firings and unpaid leave following President Joe Biden’s September announcement mandating large employers to require vaccinations or weekly testing.

    How’s that vaccine mandate going?

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