Build Bull Blocker

Scene: it is 2020. The scene fades up in a DNC/Biden campaign office, in the middle of the 2020 presidential race.

A group of democratic party operatives is sitting in a crowded, messy campaign office, with video screens silently relaying the news all around them.

Operative 2: “OK, we are clear on this; rebuilding the economy from this pandemic is going to be a huge issue.“

Operative 1 (the campaign Manager): “That is why the “American Phoenix“ program, the presidents plan for what he will do about the economy after he’s elected, will be so important“.

Operative 3: “So we’ve gone over with the president exactly how he supposed to message this plan?”

Operative 4: “We’ve been rehearsing it every waking hour”

(Operatives 2-4 chuckle)

Intern: (Walks into the room, holding a TV remote, looking nervous) “Sir? Senator Biden is on television right now…)”

Operative 1: “Right? He’s supposed to be, isn’t he“ (Other operatives vigorously nod)

Intern: (points remote at television monitor, clicks a button) “I think you need to see this, sir…”

Candidate Biden (on video) “… my Build Back Better plan will put Americans back to work…“

(All of the operatives blanche)

Operative 4: “what the…“

Operative 1: “How the hell did he get from American Phoenix to… what did he say?“

Operative 2: “build… Better… I have no idea.“

Operative 3: “What?“ Operative 1: “Well, I’ll be; he actually was too senile to remember “American Phoenix“.

Operative 2: “so what do we do?“

Operative 1: “Well, he’s sort of made the decision for us. American phoenix is now… Better… Build now? What was it?

Operative 3: “back build…“

Operative 4: “I have no idea“.

Intern: (Silently rewinds the video)



1 thought on “Build Bull Blocker

  1. More people have died of covid this year than last.
    The whole “blame Trump for covid deaths” industry is looking pretty pitiful these days.
    A reminder that the issues that have exploded since Biden was sworn in — chaos on the border, high unemployment AND a worker shortage, high inflation, Afghanistan, etc., will not get better until Biden is out of office or is effectively neutered by a GOP congress.
    The problem is Biden himself. He is incompetent and ignorant, and his dementia deepens.
    The media is incurious about his mental decline from mediocrity to something worse than mediocre. Compare a Biden press conference from the early 2010s and one from this year. The decline in Biden’s mental faculties and his ability to speak clearly and to understand context is alarming.

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