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  1. The reprobates talking point is “Anyone still in Afghanistan deserves what they get”

    It will have to be shorter for the bumper stickers and tee shirts. “They had it coming”

  2. And here I thought I’d finally get to read that screed about all the actual policies that kept that Trump Skeptic dinghy afloat. But no, it’s just another confirmation of I’m-surprised-just-how-bad-this-kakistocracy-is.

  3. “Trump was most assuredly an incompetent who never allowed his enthusiastic ignorance to interfere with his strong opinions.”

    Best description of Trump that I’ve heard to date.

  4. And MP, I have seen a pic of xer, another obese pig of a leftist, something or other. I have written about this lately, why are leftist wymxn so fat and ugly?

  5. Kinlaw, look up Andrea Dworkin. But take some Pepto-Bismol before you do. She was the first blatantly out lesbian feminist I ever read about when I started following politics.

    I theorized this a couple decades ago. At some point earlier in life, I bet they were like most people, seeking out companionship and relationships with the opposite gender. For whatever reason of genetics and/or divine providence, they lost the beauty/looks lottery, and men were not naturally attracted to them. There was probably a large segment, who, rather than try to improve their looks to attract men, either turned men-hating feminist, or lesbian, and adopted the feminist/man-hater mantle. Possibly out of jealous rage. I know of at least two women who did exactly that – spent a few years in college looking for a male companion, and finding none who wished to reciprocate, “discovered” they were lesbians. One of them is a raging feminist pro-choice activist, and the pastor of a church. So sad.

  6. Moreover, Bill C, once they decide to be lesbians, they decorate themselves to be as ugly as possible. Purple hair, tats, metal, black lipstick, and an ugly attitude.

  7. Let’s take a look at the opposite case, where men decide that being attractive to women is not important.
    If being ornamental is the way that women appeal to men, the way that men appeal to women is by being capable. They have money, or look fit, or are really smart. All three if they can pull it off. They broadcast the fact that they are high in the male hierarchy.
    The way men broadcast the fact that they do not care if women find them attractive is to be their worst self, their least masculine self: unfit and poor and stupid. They don’t even want to fake it. And you can fake an awful lot of it. It is remarkable how many women fall for a line of bull shit from a guy. For men, though, it is all how attractive the women is now, not bull shit about how attractive they could be.
    It seems that woman who do not care about attracting male attention and men who do not care about attracting female attention end up converging in appearance. Except for the beards.
    So far.

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