He’s Baaaaack

Ryan Winkler, Minnesota’s House Majority Leader – let that thought rattle around in your head a bit – replies to Senate Majority Leader Gazelka yesterday:

“Trump’s America is deadly!”

But the Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan’s Minnesota is the part that is rioting, burning, looting, shedding businesses and jobs, boarding up, moving to the burbs or Wisconsin or the Greater or Lesser Dakota, buggering off, hitting the dusty trail for freer and safer horizons.

Alondra Cano’s Minnesota is the part that can’t run itself even in good times without massive transfers of wealth from the parts of the state that work (for now), the Republican parts.

Lisa Bender’s Minnesota is the part that considers “law and order” a form of unsustainable “privilege” for all you plebs, but pays a lot of your money so that it has that privilege for itself.

Ryan Winkler’s Minnesota is the part where a Harvard graduate and machine politician from a lilywhite “progressive” suburb full of NIMBYs can call one of the most distinguished jurists of our time an “Uncle Tom”, and then turn around and yap about “white supremacy” when his opponent compliments the men and women who are taking time off from their real lives to clean up yet another DFL mess.

If Ryan Winkler didn’t exist, the GOP would have to invent him.

9 thoughts on “He’s Baaaaack

  1. The National Guard in Texas and Louisiana are preparing to rescue people from a life-threating hurricane. Local officials are grateful for their presence.

    The Minnesota National Guard is rescuing people from life-threatening rioters. Ryan Winkler resents their presence.


  2. I have a feeling that for the rest of the year, the QRF/riot units will be spending as much time on state active duty as they do at their day jobs.

    At a cost of at least $60k a day, that can add up for the state. And that’s just payroll – probably another$10k for use of equipment. Has any reporter asked what it cost to activate the whole MN Guard back in June? A good friend and a field grade officer got to spend the week sitting in a humvee outside a hospital. Fantastic use of resources.

  3. If stopping looting amounts to white privilege, hasn’t Winkler in effect just called non-whites thieves?

    With friends like Ryan Winkler, blacks don’t need any enemies, do they? Poor boy is channeling Klan rhetoric from the 1960s, I dare say.

  4. Isn’t Winkler even more off-base than usual in this case? The National Guard was called out because a dirtbag shot himself and his friends/accessories blamed his death on the “po-po”, firing up another round of riots.

  5. You should be ashamed for protecting privilege, and for supporting a President who uses dangerous rhectoric, intentionally divides us, and makes us all less safe

    Man, if that isn’t the blast furnace calling the kettle black.

  6. Look, I’ll spell it out for you. “Law enforcement” is racism. Trump is pro law enforcement, so Trump is pro racism. The more pro lawa enforcement Trump is, the more pro racism Trump is, and the more pro racism his voters are.
    It’s really simple when you get your head straight.

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